Here's the first few minutes of Darksiders 2

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Again the "youtube law" applies (skip the first 90 seconds) and enjoy. It looks pretty good and leaves a good first impression. I honestly though the ice level would be later on in the game. I also think the atmosphere is way better done this time around, and I'm mostly talking about the background music.

If you loved Darksiders 2 what do you think so far. If you haven't, is this helping to pull you in?

I can't wait to see how Jeff reacts to it in his review.

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Oh, come on. This game can't come out soon enough.

... I think I'll have to wait till the 21st, though. Damn European release dates.

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The game comes out on the 24th here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As someone who loves Darksiders1 I cannot simple wait to play the sequel. If it's better than D1 it will probably be my GotY.

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This video got taken down.

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i did the first 60min... and already posted this on another thead.. so i'm starting to feel spammy.. but..

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... and yes... i need help with the wall jump/run thingy :)

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