How do I get the shards?

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How do I pick up the little glowing shards scattered around the world? I've tried shooting them and grabbing them with my death reach but neither is working.

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You shoot them, the game will tell you when you can do this. You get an item that allows the collection of them.

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@Mars: Why don't you google? I mean I don't want to be a dick about it, but just typing your question into google gets you the answer you need. Anyway here you go:

Stonebites, on the other hand, cannot be collected as soon as the game starts. In order to be able to get them, players need to acquire the pistol called Redemption from Alya. Redemption is a powerful pistol belonging to Death’s brother, Strife, and Alya will give this important item to Death, after a specific quest.

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I tried google many times. If you notice in the title of my post I call them shards ... Not stonebites. If I'd known what their name was it may have been easier, however, being a member of this forum I turned to it for help. It never ceases to amaze me how much people criticize each other on these things. But, thanks for the link. Got it. Thanks.

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You also need to accept a quest from a guardian near the tri-stone. He will give you an item that allows you to collect the stonebites...can't remember his name right now but I will check and update this post with it! For every person who criticizes there will ideally be one who helps so don't get too worked up about it!

The NPCs name is Blackroot and he gives you The Lure Stone to collect the stonebites. He is near The Shattered Forge in the Shadow Gorge if I am not mistaken.

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The game makes it obvious when you can collect them, it makes you shoot one and talks about it etc.

This lure stone allows the collections of the first shards I believe.
This lure stone allows the collections of the first shards I believe.

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