I'm getting a strong Soul Reaver vibe as opposed to Zelda

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With the first Darksiders, it was fairly apparent in structure, tone, chimes, items and so on that it was similar to Zelda.

With Darksiders 2 however, I feel the game has come unto its own, but I can't help but feel this game has a striking resemblance (while maintaining it's own identity) to Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.

Perhaps it's that both games are open and have similar puzzle solving dungeons, and the tone of course, but it's making me love this game even more and really nostalgic and anxious for a new Legacy of Kain game.

Just wondering if anyone else felt the resemblance or not?

I'd like to make it clear, this game is its own beast, and I'm not saying it "rips-off" Soul Reaver. I'm just saying the aesthetic and tone, with the platforming and puzzle solving remind me of it heavily.

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Yea. Also:

The voice actor who voiced Kain in original Soul Reaver actually voices one very significant character in this game (not gonna post spoilers)

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Think I only played 1 Soul Reaver game... can't remember it well. Haven't played a Zelda game in forever either so that is lost on me.

Game feels like Prince of Persia to me with all the running up walls and jumping from poles and stuff.

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@handlas said:

Game feels like Prince of Persia to me with all the running up walls and jumping from poles and stuff.

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I'd say Soul Reaver is also pretty derivative of 3d Zelda, but I very much agree.

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I've actually sorta been getting an Amalur vibe from the game (not the business stuff, just the gameplay). Not too fond of what they've done. With the introduction of all these new systems it has turned more into an action-RPG rather than an adventure game. What's really killing it for me is the endless chests with useless junk and boilerplate RPG side-quest stuff.

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I'm getting more of a zelda vibe in this game than the last, especially with Terminus Field there at the beginning.

But I totally agree, major Soul Reaviness present in this outing.

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Soul Reaver basically was the original 3D "gritty ass Zelda that isn't Zelda".

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