Locking up (Spoilers?)

#1 Posted by _Chad (960 posts) -

I'm currently in The Black Stone like right at the beginning and it has locked up on me three times now. Has anyone else had problems here? I'm on the 360 by the way.

#2 Posted by TwoArmed (116 posts) -

@ChadMasterFlash: Yep, on 360 as well. Locked up two hours in and then again a few hours later.

#3 Posted by _Chad (960 posts) -

@TwoArmed said:

@ChadMasterFlash: Yep, on 360 as well. Locked up two hours in and then again a few hours later.

I didn't have a problem until the very end. And if I didn't go the right way it would freeze, it ended up happening four times.

#4 Posted by Kieran_Smith5 (152 posts) -

I have this problem.

#5 Posted by CraigAA1028 (546 posts) -

I saved in Black Stone and went back to play later only to have the game freeze EVERY time I try and load my save, therefore stopping me from continuing. If gets through the story dialogue on the loading screen then just locks up completely. I really do not want to lose 20 hours of progress.

#6 Posted by Bulby33 (621 posts) -

Same thing happens to me, too. I was playing through the dungeon normally and all of the sudden the game froze on me. Then I turned it off and booted it up again and three seconds later the game locked up. I tried it a third time, same problem.

It's really annoying because the game locked up on me multiple times before this, too. I cleared my system cache on both my hard drive and my USB stick and it fixed the probably the first time. I did it this time after it started freezing again but it didn't fix the problem. This is one of the most unpolished games I've played in a long time. Super-irritating. I can't finish the game because of this.

#7 Posted by Fobwashed (2282 posts) -

Just got my first reboot requiring 360 freeze. About maybe an hour in just riding my horse. Weird.

#8 Posted by _Chad (960 posts) -

@Bulby33: Is your game freezing right after you fight the first Legion Champion? Cause that's what was happening to me. I found that going the opposite direction which turned out to be the right direction, that the freezing stopped happening.

#9 Posted by Bulby33 (621 posts) -

No, I haven't fought a Legion Champion yet. I just finished the puzzle in the west area where you have to throw the bomb through a portal. You got further than I did.

But now I can't even get passed the "this has been the journey so far..." screen. It just locks up right when he's done talking, so I can't even access the game now. Super bummed out.

#10 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7098 posts) -

This happened to me as well. It has progressed to locking on the loading screen when I start my save. Lots of other reports of this on the official forums.

#11 Posted by Ghostface318 (95 posts) -

Oh good, at least this total bummer of a thing isn't just my problem.....

#12 Posted by Yummylee (22679 posts) -

PS3 version over here and it locked up around 9 times in total across the 33 hours I played of it during one playthrough.

#13 Posted by najibu (53 posts) -

I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but since the fight with the archon the framerate for my game has gone up. It moves so much more fluid now but on the downside the game locks up on me a couple of times. However after i finished the game and started new game+ the framerates gone back to 30. Weird :\

#14 Posted by Bulby33 (621 posts) -

The framerate went to 60 when I fought Archon as well, but it went down to 30 right after the fight was over. I think it might've just been because the area you fight him in has little to slow the game down.

#15 Posted by najibu (53 posts) -

Well in my case the framerate was kind of erratic after the archon fight. In the overworld it was mostly the standard 30 but in dungeons and menus it certainly was higher than that. I wonder if this happens to anyone else and if it has anything to do with the game locking up on me

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