Map/Fast Travel glitch?

#1 Posted by shinboy630 (1227 posts) -

Ok so either there is a pretty major bug in my game or I do not understand the fast travel system at all. When in a dungeon/city, when the map is brought up, there is a prompt to press A (using a controller on the PC) to toggle to the overworld map. However, when I press A nothing happens. I first noticed this after the tip popped up in one of the first dungeons about dungeon way points. For the record fast travel while "outside" works fine.

Is this a bug or am I just missing something? Any help is appreciated.

#2 Posted by GenghisJohn (257 posts) -

I had the exact same issue. After beating the second dungeon or whatever it told me to fast travel somewhere but it then wouldnt let me as long as I was inside. Once I got outside the dungeon it worked fine.

#3 Posted by vorpalparasite (310 posts) -

On 360 the button to switch maps is the Left Stick click thingy, maybe that'll work.

#4 Posted by kingofpeanuts (479 posts) -

@vorpalparasite: Thanks, it fixed my problem. For anyone confused it is the L3 button


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