Music that plays in the XMB on PS3 for Darksiders II?

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Anyone have any idea what song is playing on the XMB when you hover over the Darksiders II icon in the XMB on PS3?

It's very violin and percussion heavy, and as much as I have a disinterest in music, it's caught in my head.

Sadly, I cannot find it on the tubes of you, nor on amazon's soundtrack for it.

Any insight is appreciated.

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Thanks for the links, Just went through all of them, and sadly none of them have anything that really sounds like the bit on the XMB.

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So, I'm still having no luck on this. I recorded what the XMB music sounds like. If anyone can find the title of this, or what song it's from, It'd be greatly appreciated:

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I've been wondering this as well the closest I've come to finding it is about 3 minutes into the track The Corruption on the OST.

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@SpiderguyZER0: Yeah, it definitely has the same melody starting around then. I think the melody/the song I'm looking for is actually the overall theme of the game, as I'm pretty sure it plays on the intro cutscene with Death riding in. Sadly, that part is definitely not the piece I seek.

Thanks for at least helping track it down.

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Soundtrack by Jesper Kyd? That explains why it's so damn good. It compliments the amazing-ness of the art direction quite well.

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Yeah, somehow they omitted the best track in the game from the OST. Maybe Jesper didn't actually compose this piece? I have no idea. Either way..huge fail.

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@Calosin: It sucks, but here's hoping someone finds out it's title, or someone rips the audio files from the 360 disc/PC files, or something.

I'm tempted to ask on the DS2 boards themselves over at THQ.

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