Question: How is this game's DLC?

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So, finally I picked up this game in the most recent Steam sale and was wondering what you duders think of the DLC quality thus far.

I'm not super interested in armors and weapons (there are tons of those in the game), but rather the ones which seem to add proper content (new areas, missions, etc).

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It's like Rodney Dangerfield circa 1978 on crack.

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@Kidavenger said:

It's like Rodney Dangerfield on crack.


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The two content DLCs that are out are kinda small. Argul's Tomb is a single dungeon, and Abyssal Forge is like 2.5 small-medium dungeons. There is no real worthwhile narrative. Death only has a few lines, none interesting. There are some new enemy models in Abyssal Forge, but they are basically re-skins/models of existing enemy types. Gear is good, if you don't already have well crafted possessed stuff. Both have a unique boss fight, altho only the boss of Argul's Tomb is of any aesthetic/mechanical interest. If you purely enjoy the dungeons of the main game by themselves this delivers. Otherwise no.

(argul's tomb was a retailer specific preorder now available for purchase seperately, abyssal forge is the first "real" content dlc in the season pass)

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I got the season pass on sale for, like, 7€ or something and it still seems like too much - from what I gather anyway, still haven't given it a try.

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I was very disappointed with the DLC, it also seemed to affect my view of the main game as well: it was just average. Both DLC's are not for a high level/finished save and it was no fun: finished it within 45 mins with no loot or story progression. The second DLC was the same, but a little longer and as a level 30 on the hardest difficulty I was not challenged by the DLC either: all round a disappointment.

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Resoundingly awful and not worth the money.

It adds absolutely nothing to the core experience, and there is no story merit at all.

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The more and more I hear about Darksiders 2 the more I don't want to play it. Sounds like they had so much potential and just squandered it with weird decisions. Considering I beat the first one 6 months ago and was blown away by how awesome it was, peoples reactions too it is just depressing. It's a competent game, just not an enjoyable Darksiders game is the impression I'm getting.

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I only played the firt one, and it was as good as the main game. In other words, pure shit. Vigil didn't even add new Achievements for them. That's many fucks they give about this game: not even worth of Achievements.

I really shouldn't have pre-ordered this game.

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@Tennmuerti: Is there a way to get to the DLC campaign through the main storyline like via quest or something? Also, does New Game+ completely override your progress (Like stones and book pages)?

It seems kind of stupid that if I start DLC content from the main menu Death just spawns in some place with no explanation.

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No not through the main campaign. Just the cheap you appear in the new place with no explanation.

For quests yes, and stones/books as well, you start anew. Only your level/gear/skills/stats carry over.

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@Tennmuerti: Welp, that's a disappointment. Do the quest rewards stay the same in New Game+ or do they stay the same? It seems kind of pointless to start chasing most quests if I won't use the gear anyway.

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@valrog: The quest rewards are the same, just higher level, hence more powerfull.

With one notable exception: the Crucible, you can only do the waves 75-101 in newgame+ and the quest/secret rewards for those are new.

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@Tennmuerti: Alright, thanks.

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It's more Darksiders II if you're into that, but it's nothing particularly special. I bought the last two pieces of content fearing they'd be removed from Xbox Live soon and I'm not displeased with my purchase because ultimately it was fresh Darksiders II content and I still really enjoy playing Darksiders II.

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