The Crucible (probably spoilerish)

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Anyone managed to beat all the levels of this?

I'm breezing through the game on Hard without much trouble but the Crucible is BS. I got to about level 25 and had had enough. They start throwing multiple bosses at you. Beating 1-100 (101 for final boss) in one sitting seems ridiculous. Levels 1-25 took me over an hour and most of those are easy levels compared to what I was getting into at level 25 so by my logic this would be an extremely long undertaking. It feels more like an endurance test than anything... how long until you can't handle anymore and start messing up.

So I'm wondering is this something that has to wait until you are extremely overpowered? And since I'm playing the game on Hard I'm wondering if the enemies are harder in the Crucible than they would be for a person playing the game on Easy. I also don't have a Possessed weapon... literally haven't seen one since the beginning of the game. Probably 15 hours without seeing one so maybe I'm not doing nearly as much damage as I could be because some of the enemies that I got to were taking a long time to kill. The only saving grace for me is my birds that help regenerate my health.

Or maybe I should just ask anyone that has beaten it... is it even worth the reward?

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I've gotten to wave 75 but I wasn't a high enough level to face the last 25 waves. It took about an hour to get that far. I think it's easier on easy. I beat the game on normal and then played the crucible on easy. You hit the level cap before you play it, I think it's level 30.

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The crucible is manageable. The key is to get a possessed weapon with health steal or health on crit. I do that plus the crit buff skill and hold off using potions for as long as possible. All my gear is made to get crit rate and crit damage as high as possible (since I couldn't find a weapon with health steal). My strategy is to buff a possessed weapon with as much crit rate, crit damage, and health on crit as possible. I did luck out with Vulgrim though and got a possessed weapon with additional abilities when trading in for a purple. So that probably helped.

Also ghouls are good up to level ~70 (don't quote me on that, can't quite remember) since they will soak up a bosses attacks and draw attention away from you. Later Crucible levels, the enemies are so overleveled (I think they go to lvl 40, while you are capped at 30) that ghouls are useless so teleport slash or the other harbringer skill is probably better.

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Guess I need a better weapon then.

Chad, you said it only took you an hour to reach level 75!? Took me that long for level 25. Are you able to beat the game on hard and then set it to easy in NG+? Might just wait and do that if so... of course you have to unlock the Crucible but I guess that's fairly early on. I never use any of the powers you get except the gun.

Really I wasn't have any problem fighting the enemies up to where I got (I know it will get harder tho). I just got exhausted and didn't want to play anymore. Need a quicker way to take them out.

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Finished apocalyptic, completed all 100 Crucible waves without dying and killed Wicked K. It's quite easy really just tedious. Get yourself 2 possessed weapons, make sure they both have wrath and health regen, stack a lot of crit/+wrath stats on your gear and you're essentially invulnerable due to being able to spam things like harvest (massive area damage and knockback) and unstoppable (raw damage increase) with some ghouls to help keep the larger groups of enemies easier to manage.

It helps to also know enemy weaknesses, for example angels are easily dealt with by deathgripping them to you and the shield guys are easy to dodge and hit once they've charged with a 2hander usually being preferable.

edit: oh and for anyone who doesn't know you need to be level 25 to do waves 76-100. Also to get Wiked K to spawn at the end you need to do all 100 in a row without stopping or dying.

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I breezed through the crucible on Apocalyptic with my melee build. levels 1-75 can be done at lvl 20, but you need to be 25+ to unlock the final 75-101 which means newgame+

The setup i had focused on all out scythe damage through high STR, crit% and crit dmg, meant that normal enemeis died in a couple of swings and mini-bosses in one or two scythe air spins. Stick healthsteal on that bitch and i was basically invulnerable.

The reward are full set of abyssal armor and facing Wicked K. Crucible is the hardest challenge in the game period, so after you beat it it's not like gear matters, the reward is the challenge and knowing that you beat it. (tho with a proper setup it's still kinda easy, but that's gear for you)

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all you need is a possessed fast weapon , with critical chance , health on crit with at least 50 or higher health per crit, , ether lightning or ice cuz they have the best effects on multiple enemies , defense , and critical damage , you dont need wrath on crit due to the multiple speed hits you get , also have a possessed double scyth with the alternate element to have both ice and lightning but concentration all its abilities to character protection , defense , resistance , health and health regen , and maybe strength or arcane , also make sure you have an armor build that has very high critical chance , you can get to abysmal armor pieces in the final of vulgrums treasure rooms and the gauntlets from handing in all of ostogoths artifacts

ps: crucibal does get easier if you lower the difficulty on the options , you can switch it back to original settings after u beat it and quick note of advice , whatever you do make sure you have reaper mode available for wave 99 its ridiculously hard without it

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Finished the Crucible last on my 100% Achievement list, only 71 hours!

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I tried a melee build through the Crucible and died on level 76....twice. How frustrating is that shit? I switched to Necromancer and once you get your ghouls maxed out it makes it so much easier. I was level 30, had a health stealing weapon and full Abyssal Armor set so that helped out a lot. It does also get easier if you play on easy. I finished the whole thing and beat wicked k in about an hour and a half. Very doable.

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Ok, quick question.

If I beat NG+ on Apoc. will I get the option to continue playing? Then can I just lower the difficulty ingame and complete the crucible?

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