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Got my codes earlier today. Punched in the code for the game copy itself and then the code for the season pass. When I tried to authenticate Argul's Tomb after the Season Pass, it stated that I already have the product associated with my Steam account. What do you guys think? Will I get Argul's Tomb from the Pass, or did I just screw myself out of a piece of free DLC. Anyone ran into same situation?

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Couple things.

1. Can't you play the game and see for yourself?

2. Did the THQ version have the same pre-order incentives as Steam?

3. It's entirely possible that the season pass code is unnecessary for the pc version (since the primary purpose of the season pass tends to be an attempt to get a little money from anyone who bought the game used) because you can't buy used copies of the pc version. They may have provided the key to serve as proof of ownership but had it bound internally to the main game key so it might be automatically registered... or maybe adjusting their system to not hand out keys for the pc version would have been too much work so they just let it go.

A separate key for the season pass is unnecessary because the game is linked to a Steam account, the game "ownership" is non-transferrable which means that in effect every pc player is the first and only owner of the game.

4. Did you right click on the Darksiders 2 entry on your game list and check for listed DLC there under the DLC tab?

5. If you didn't receive the DLC but should have, you won't be screwed, you just may need to contact THQ's support (or possibly Steam's depending) and they should get it fixed up for you.

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@Teran: Seems that quite a bit of people are having the same problem. Argul's Tomb is supposed to be authenticated separately on Darksiders website. Which is weird, since Steam also accepted the key. Anyways, did all things listed. Thanks for the help

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