Vigil: PC fixes "in the weeks to come"

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Darksiders PC owners,
Your feedback is incredibly important to us, so we have been working around the clock to address issues that some of you have been having, as well as adding features you have requested. The team is prioritizing finding solutions to these issues.
We are working on fixes for a number of bugs which can potentially block progression that have come to our attention, while also exploring adding additional features you have been asking for. This work includes vsync updates, improved shadow map resolution, X-axis options and additional keyboard mapping options (amongst other community requests). We hope to roll out a number of patches to address these issues in the weeks to come.
Keep your eyes peeled on for updates on patch timing and content.
The Vigil Team

Via Kotaku. (Yeah...)

Well, that's fine, right? I guess I'll wait until the first patch is rolled out, at least. I loved Darksiders 1 and I want to experience the sequel in the best state possible. Right now, the game is nearly unplayable for me. The stuttering I get with VSync enable is infuriating.

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Yep this game looks AWFUL on PC right now. I just can't get my head around the that fact that they released a PC game without any graphics options, apart from screen resolution.!

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