War or Death?

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So which character do you guys prefer? They are both pretty badass, and I liked both of them, so I'm just curious which one you liked more. I personally preferred Death, not only because you can change his gear and make him look progressively more badass, but also because I liked his scythes and his horse more than War's sword and horse, and I generally liked his character design more. So how about you?

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Death. I just generally liked everything about him more - personality, weapons, movement, character design.

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I don't like the over-bulkyness of War's character. He looks like a potato or a fat person trying to wobble around the best he can. I much prefer Death. They should redesign War if they're planning to use him again. Make him a bit leaner and bulkier where it matters.

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@Klei said:

I don't like the over-bulkyness of War's character. He looks like a potato or a fat person trying to wobble around the best he can. I much prefer Death. They should redesign War if they're planning to use him again. Make him a bit leaner and bulkier where it matters.

I agree with all of this, the one thing I really did not like about Darksiders was War's design.. And that said I really dig Death's design, it's simple but there is alot going on, and they made him a mask that doesn't come off as to goofy

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I much prefer wars ability to stand toe to toe with opponents than deaths dodge and poke style but as OP said both are awesome in their own ways

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Death's a awesome guy but my favorite is War, liked his personality and style more.

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I prefer War as well, but I haven't finished DS2 yet so maybe Death will grow on me.  
War is just the most badass character I've ever played. I don't really get that feeling from Death and I definitely prefer swords over scythes, swords are my most favourite melee weapons in games.

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I like War better, never really connected with Death but i did feel his frustration, mainly over the number 3..

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I prefer the design of Death. I haven't played DS2 yet so I can't really say if I like his personality/style better.

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I like Death more. I like my protagonists snarky and cynical

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I prefer Death combat-wise and War personality-wise... Don't get me wrong... I think they've nailed how a character called Death should act :D but I still like War better.

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I prefer Death. Debatably more powerful, and his sarcastically morbid sense of humor matches my own.

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You should have made a poll and i like Death more.

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I like both.

The thing is that for me the difference in character between War and Death, significantly increased my like of War in retrospect and also made Death much more interesting and distinct. Basically the characters seperately are both quite good, but contrasting against one another they become excelent. Death's character, attitude and voice acting is probably my single most favoutite part about the second game. I was thoroughly surprised just how much i liked Death as a character, while did not excpect much going in.

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I really like both, but I prefer War. I just like his bulkiness, his look, and his giant fucking sword a lot more than I like Death's characteristics. I still think they did a really good job of making you feel super powerful as Death, but War is just the shit. I'm hoping we get some small DLC with War in the DS2 engine, that would be pretty cool.

I want to see Strife though, that guy seems like he has the potential to be an awesome character. I was really hoping he'd at least show up in DS2 but nope. :( Fury though... Nobody cares about Fury.

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@GunslingerPanda: And my hopes for the ending have diminished! Thanks!
Also, I think Fury and her whip would make for some awesome gameplay!
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yeah speaking of the other two horsemen, im curious about what kind of gameplay theyll design for Strife since from the DS2 cutscenes they make him look like a ranged character (with the gun and everything). I hope they actually make him that way, playing a slasher 4 times in a row would get a bit boring for me, even if they are as well done as the first 2

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I once was asked a question very similar to this once, except the options where cake or death.

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If War had been adopted with the new gameplay elements from Darksider 2, i would probably pick War. I always tend to pick the slowest, strongest brute i can when i have the option to choose.

But if i had to straight up choose between how the characters play in each of their games, i will have to go with Death, there are just a lot more different options when it comes to combat, and gear compared to Darksiders.

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@wealllikepie: I'd imagine Strife using the handguns as main weapons ala Death's Scythes, perhaps mix in some gun fu for close range attacks and the use of a secondary weapon like War's gauntlets/scythe and Death's array of stuff.
Fury would be perhaps very crowd control based, lashing out with her whip all around her while also being able to use the whip for traversal of the dungeons.
Actually, that sounds pretty promising.
Perhaps they can even have a co op game (to test the waters so to say) featuring Strife and Fury and their part of the story while Death/War's doing their thing.
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I preferred War. I don't like Death's style or lack of clothing.

However, I just want Pestilence and then I'll be happy. If my friend War get's a game, then so do I.

Also, War is voiced by Liam O'Brien, so yeah, nobody else stands a chance.

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@TaliciaDragonsong: Oh please, don't give them ideas to extend this any further without actually getting on with a proper sequel to what happened in the first game. Though i do admit it'd be pretty funny if they did do another game running parallel to these ones, as some kind of running joke or someothing.

Strife could probably play like Dante from DMC fairly easily.

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@Shirogane: It would fit storywise however, show us how Strife lost his guns (War and Death both got one, War's could be a copy made by Ulthane but Death actually remarks its his brother's weapon) and what he and Fury were up to during all this, if Death's any indication the Horsemen aren't types to hang around.

I'd like for Strife and/or Fury to do something meaningfull however, no more "Since Death's redeeming War we're going to redeem Death/make deals to get to Earth and help out"
Either we go wild and get a 4 player co op hack and slash as Darksiders 3 or we get a prequel with Fury/Strife which will have them do something worth doing instead of playing mercenary (or being whored the fuck out like Death in his quest).
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@Shirogane: @TaliciaDragonsong:

tbh i think strife would play closest so kratos, i mean the closest thing i can think of to a whip is probably his chain swords right?

#25 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -
@wealllikepie: Fury and her whip you mean? I don't think a whip compares much to chain swords.
Kratos tends to use the swords as heavy weight, slamming the chains around while the heavy part ( the blades themselves ) do the most damage.
Fury would probably use fire (her weapon was described as a fiery whip somewhere) and uses her whip to lash out around her with quick attacks. That would work best on groups and might set a whole group ablaze in moments.
For 1vs1 or bosses she'd wrap the whip around the enemy and either pull limbs or rip off your entire neck.
That's why I think mostly,  and Strife's going to be a run and gun with a hidden dagger type of guy, I just feel it.
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@TaliciaDragonsong: One cool direction i would like them to take Strife is make him use something similar to gun-kata from Equilibrium; a mix of ranged while still having plenty of close quarters moves.

#27 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -
@Tennmuerti: Yeah, Gun Fu as I said :P
At least Fury is said to use her claws as well and her whip gives her both range and close combat.
I'd figure Strife to do a lot of agile stuff like Death while blasting llike mad (his own power making his weapons have unlimited ammo instead of the limited ones in DS1/2) and mainly kicking to create distance.
Fury would be more of a tougher character since she's used to be in melee range and probably has a lot of control (issues) with her whip.
Perhaps they could do a proper Hunted: The Demon Forge with those two in the lead.
Although I wouldn't mind 2 full games starring each as well.
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Heh did not notice you mentioning gun fu sorry :)

With fury using claws and having a whip, i can see them taking some pointers from Catwoman in Arkham

Also eeeeeew i hated Hunted so so much ><

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@TaliciaDragonsong: Strife and Fury being not as iconic as Death and War i don't think they will each get their own game, so either co-op or shifting perspectives that affect events for each of them.

#30 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -
@Tennmuerti: Yeah Catwoman would work, but more feral and more...apocalyptic!
I don't see why Strife or Fury wouldn't get their own game though, Death was also just a guy (granted he had the name and status going for him) that they gave a good story to go with but I'm sure they can also make Strife a feared marksman and Fury a ruthless but tactical mind or something (opposed to all her brothers and their pure strength/combat skills).
Almost all of Death's adventure was thought up for the game (with some exceptions, the Old Ones, Vulgrim, etc) and there could be many more adventures to be had by the last two horsemen.
Never played Hunted for lack of a co op partner and bad reviews but I liked the idea of having one player on ranged combat and one on melee, especially in Strife/Fury's case they could work together well.
Fury would grab and fling a guy into the air and Strife could shoot him mid air, or such.
I think too much about this franchise.
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War's voice grated on me, so annoying, but I did like his weighty design. Overall I enjoy Death quite a bit more, most likely cuz his game has more systems to eff around with.

@Genkkaku: And dat mask does come off.


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@Canteu said:

I preferred War. I don't like Death's style or lack of clothing.

However, I just want Pestilence and then I'll be happy. If my friend War get's a game, then so do I.

Also, War is voiced by Liam O'Brien, so yeah, nobody else stands a chance.

Dude, Michael Wincott. Come on. I love me some Liam O'Brien, but Michael Wincott.

#33 Posted by jasonmartin (18 posts) -

@BeachThunder said:

Death. I just generally liked everything about him more - personality, weapons, movement, character design.

Yeah same here, Weapons and character design are most innovative part over here.

#34 Posted by EthanielRain (971 posts) -

War. It's probably that I prefer the first game more so than preferring War though.

#35 Posted by Marz (5692 posts) -

i'm a fan of War's voice actor Liam O'Brien. But i sort of like Death as a character, much more interesting than War.

#36 Posted by Silver-Streak (1513 posts) -

I'd say they're equal but different. I like them both.

It's basically Biblical Apocalypse version of Raziel and Kain. Just with less time fuckery and antagonism between them.

#37 Posted by Yummylee (23180 posts) -

@Marz said:

i'm a fan of War's voice actor Liam O'Brien. But i sort of like Death as a character, much more interesting than War.

This. War was barely even a character, and Death wins over because we spend a lot more time with him and are given a better insight into his personality and history. I still think War's pretty awesome, but it's more so for the sake of his character design and voice actor.

#38 Posted by amir90 (2243 posts) -

Overall, I would say War.

But I am not hatin' on Death here.

#39 Posted by SynticV1 (53 posts) -

War. Straight to the point and big enough to tank. Plus from a gameplay standpoint I prefer the dashing as opposed to the acrobatics of Death.

Both are good characters though.

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I just felt like Death had a more complete arc than War did in DS 1 ( well, as much as this series can manage, anyway ), and his gameplay is vastly superior, so I'm gonna go with Death for now.

Both had just great VA though, credit where it's due. It certainly came as a pleasant surprise, given the rather brash tone of the series.

PS: I'm also very, very curious about how Strife will turn out . They can go in a Bayonetta-ish combat where holding down attack buttons fires the weapons anywhere during the combo, or just polish the abysmal shooting so it can be the main attraction. So full of possibilities.

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I fucking LOVE Death's voice. Perfect raspy, I've-smoked-a-billion-cigarettes voice. And some of his quips are pretty good. War's voice was good too, but I thought a lot of his dialogue was kind of shit.

As far as character design, both kind of grew on me. I like how death is really sinewy, and looks like he lived in a damp cellar for 500 years. Of course, it makes less sense if Death and War are both "nephilim". that they would look so incredibly different, but whatever. Once you've got some better armor on Death to bulk him up a bit, he looks badass. War looks like I would expect - built like a tank, with a giant-ass sword. No problems with either.

Gameplay wise, I found Death to be fun. Once you get upgraded, I was teleport slashing all over the place, and frequently switching between scythes and heavy weapons. Some of the advanced scythe abilities, where you start throwing it around like a yo-yo, are really fun.

My fear with this series is that, since it's obvious they are going to try and milk at least four games out of it (one for each horseman), I worry that the central plot is going to kind of get lost. The way Death's story only tangentially intertwines with the first game really bummed me out. You can only tease people with plot resolution for so long, before they tell you get stuffed.

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Bit of a tough decision here as I personally really like both characters. I think people assume way to much when they say that war wasn't a character, sure he didn't have a great arc but there were good moments where we got a good look at his personality. In fact, he's pretty much how I imagined War to be like, Honorable to the core but quick to anger if provoked, but even so he pretty much showed that he can at least keep a lid on it most of the time. Plus his design really compliments him as well, he's supposed to be a heavy hitter. Having said that though, Death was still a better character, because he was far more interesting and the game presented him in a better way overall.

Even if we ignore all the extra content such as the prequel comics and the novel called Abomination Vault, Death's personality was still shown in a pretty deep and intriguing way. We got to know that Death will go to numerous lengths in order to maintain balance, considering he slaughtered his Kin, but it's pretty clear that he shows remorse for what he has done and he still couldn't bring himself to completely destroy his fellow Nephilim(well, not until War's life came into question). In fact, Death is the only one of the horsemen who actually exhibits any emotion towards this situation, at least for now.

Moreover, what also surprised me was how Death, despite his claims that he dislikes being sent on errands, is willing to help and aid a lot of people. However, make no mistake that this is Indeed Death, the most powerful and dangerous of the four horsemen, and the game does a very good job of showing his sadistic and savage side when the situation demands it.

Overall, I'm trying to say that as a full package, despite War's awesomeness, Death is cooler, both figuratively and literarily. OH and I almost forgot, Michael Wincott's voice gives ANYONE and instant win. Fuck, I am envious.


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