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Darksiders 2 Reviewed by Doc D Strange

I never played the original Darksiders. I was always interested in checking the game out but just never did. I always heard great thing about Darksiders, one of my friends told me "it's like Zelda but mature". So when the sequel was almost out I had to see what the kids thought was so great about Darksiders for myself.


Death doing his thang.
Death doing his thang.

Darksiders 2 takes place during the first game just in different realms/worlds. This time you play as Death one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse (War was the main character in the first Darksiders). In the original game "War" was summoned to earth to start and finish the end of times but something about 7 seals had to be broken to have the horsemen summoned but only six were broken so the four horsemen shouldn't have been summoned, ya? I don't really know but theirs a story in there somewhere. Sooo.... War was framed for starting the apocalypse. In comes Death trying to find out why his brother War was blamed for all this and like a supernatural detective he's on the case. Darksiders 2 is a pretty long game. My first playthrough took me around 30 hours. It's a beefy experience.

On to the gameplay, I guess when people call this game a mature Zelda they're right but with a God of War style to the combat and a loot system straight out of Diablo. The loot side of the game is new to the Darksiders series. When it comes to platforming in Darksiders 2 you are straight up running along the side of walls like the Prince of Persia. In short Darksiders 2 takes alot from different games and genres. Shit they even got a Portal style gun! This game has it all but doesn't clone or rape from those great games too much. Hey at least they're biting from the good games right?


The only semi multiplayer side of the game come in the form of trading loot to people on your friends list for Xbox360/PS3/PC/Wii U. Vigil Games is also coming out with DLC Add-ons.

Is this game any fun

I thoroughly enjoyed Darksiders 2. Like I said above, I really wasn't invested in the story per say but what got me interested in the game was all the cool game mechanics thrown into the game kinda like a video game stew of sorts. A nice touch from the game was that when Death just stands there he has a slight tilt to his head showing his enemies that he will murk them with no remorse it makes the character really shine, great job Vigil Games! Darksiders 2 didn't receive 5 out of 5 for some technical issues. Through my second playthrough I was about 15 hours in and saved the game, when I came back to load my save the game locked up every time. I was fucking HOT man!!! Over all this was a very fun game and isn't that why we play games to begin with?

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