phatmac's Darksiders II (Limited Edition) (PlayStation 3) review

One step forward, two steps back.

Darksiders 2 is a hard game for me to judge. In some ways it is better than the original Darksiders. In some key areas though, I loved Darksiders 1 over what Darksiders 2 delivered. Most game sequels refine what the previous game in the series did. It is rare to get such a diferent experience from a sequel. I loved the original Darksiders for taking the best aspects of a Zelda game like temple puzzles, valuable tools, and more. It also had a cool unique art style, an interesting story, and solid action gameplay. Darksiders 2 on the other hand brings in several new systems like loot, RPG mechanics, and completely different action gameplay. Most of these new additions work out quite well, but with these new additions it also brought in some bad ideas. I still liked Darksiders 2 quite a bit, but it wasn't what I wanted from a sequel to Darksiders 2.


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