Anyone Else Had This Game Freeze On Them?

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I installed it to the hard drive of my 360, but it still freezes before going into the game, or otherwise stalls on the loading screen...anyone else have this happen? 
Edit: Huge shock: deleting it off the hard drive does NOTHING. Still freezes randomly.

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I had the game freeze on me twice on a 27 hour run through the game.  I think of one of the Giantbomb crew mentioned on the Bombcast that the game froze on them also.  So yeah, the game locks up.

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This is no mere lock-up, though. I literally can't get more than 5 minutes into the game without it freezing at different points (usually on a load screen)
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Maybe your 360 is about to die? I can't remember a single freeze and I didn't install it to the hard drive. Been a few months since I played it though.

#5 Posted by Eaxis (1076 posts) -

For me this game freezes a lot. Would boiling the disc help?
#6 Posted by SunKing (715 posts) -

It freezed once when the screen faded to black as I died.

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On my 23 hour playthrough it only froze once. It was during the fight with The Destroyer in his dragonform. 
For some reason, once I activated my horse my PS3 just locks up and I need to physically turn it off.
Game was still awesome though.

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No. Then again, I only played about 5 hours of Darksiders.

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Speaking of, has anyone played this on the PC, and is it any good?

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