Darksiders is $5 right now on Amazon as a PC download

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I can also confirm that the activation code you receive can be redeemed in Steam. You guys should really get in on this. Great game.

Link to Amazon.

Edit: Just booted it up and it installed a comic and the soundtrack as a bonus. Nice.

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That's a very good price for an awesome game.
But I got it for free when I pre-orded space marine.

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Am I missing something or is this PC port pretty poorly done?

My game is stuck in a low resolution with 'Brightness' being the only adjustable video option. It also slaps these huge black bars on the top and bottom of the screen and then adds additional bars during cut scenes. When it does this, I'm basically watching a strip of video that only fills like 1/2 the screen real estate. I also noticed a lot of screen tearing during cut scenes and I usually don't have an issue with that. In this case though, it was severe. It also sucks that you can't map Block and Dash to different keys. Sometimes I want to go from running to blocking and it dashes instead. The only way to block is to stop, make sure you fingers aren't on any of the movement keys, then press the button.

Edit: My bad, I missed the Advanced Options line.

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I played through the steam version, and while there aren't many graphics options, all I had to do was set the resolution and Vsync took care of itself. And that was on my old PC, it ran at 60 fps locked with full controller support. It was a perfect PC port for me. If you don't have a resolution option, try checking for some kind of launcher or setup/config file that would let you change it there. I definitely had one somewhere.

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I got it for €10 on 360, but I've not played much. I've never been much of a Zelda fan since it went 3D. This just proved that those sort of games are not my cup of tea. It seems like a solid game though.

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