Does anyone have the audio file for the puzzle solved sound

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I've just started playing Darksiders a few days ago and so far I am really enjoying this game immensely. The one part that I am loving the most is that little chime that plays when you complete every puzzle and now I want to set that as my ringtone. The problem is that I cannot find any versions of the audio file online, so I am asking you guys if any of you have the file.

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I don't have it on PC but it must be a piece of cake, to rip from either the game files or via recording using that version of the game. if you are playing it on console someone is bound to have gotten it pretty recently in either the steam sale or that THQ Humble bundle that was doing the rounds a while back. you could always put out a request or perhaps obtain the source files from the internet, as a package, in full. . . you get what I am saying here? you bought the game already anyway right?

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@Reisz: Do but on 360, which led me to ask here.

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