Game won't launch?

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So, like many of you I decided to partake in the THQ Humble Bundle since it is the perfect opportunity for me to grab some great games and put the money toward a good cause. I was especially excited to finally try out Darksiders since I've heard so many good things about. Now, imagine my dismay after downloading it and going to play it for the the first time and it doesn't run. I try again, same result. The game seems to "launch" but immediately tabs out (to the point where I never actually see anything) and trying to re-enter the program will just make it tab out again.

I'm hoping that perhaps one of you has had this issue in the past and knows how to fix it so I can finally try this game out.

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First of all, if you ever post in a forum about an issue related to your computer ALWAYS list your specs. For Example:

Windows 7 Home Premium x64

Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E6750 @2.66Ghz

Asus P5E-VM HDMI mobo

6 gb Ram (2gb Patriot DDR2-6400, 4gb Ballistix DDR2-6400)

GeForce 9500 GT (1gb DDR2)

80gb Maxtor (Boot Device)

1tb Western Digital Caviar

Now, on to your problem. Try running the game as Admin. (Right-click game in Steam then go to Properties>Local Files>Browse Local Files. From there find Right-click DarksidersPC.exe and Run as Administrator)

Now I'm gonna piggy-back on this topic for a minute: Anyone know why my Darksiders keeps "not working" usually happens after I load.

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