I'm think I'm done with this game. (apocalyptic frustration)

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I beat the first guardian in The Black Throne and completed the beam puzzle. I need to cross the bridge back to the main hub, but I am never going to cross it. I have to fight two wraiths who always annihilate me within 30 seconds or less because I just don't ever have enough health. When I do beat them, a whole other mob of enemies comes and just kills me instantly. Is this what I get for playing on apocalyptic? I'm way too far in to play from the beginning on a lower difficulty. I've been at this same part of the game too long now. I guess I should just cut my losses and sell it, and be done with it. What do you guys think?

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@AngeTheDude: I was stuck at that same spot for quite a while.  I put it down for a couple months while I played a few other games.  I came back to it just recently and ended up reverting back to an older save file just as you enter the Black Throne so that I could save my health in some earlier fights.  Do you have some earlier save files that you could go back to?  If you do I'd suggest that you do so because the rest of the game is certainly worth playing.
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I'll take your word for it. I gave it my last shot today for about two hours with no luck. I'm taking a break from this for a bit. I'm kind of disappointed because I wanted to just blow through this game all at once after having it sit on my shelf for so many months.

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This was easily the toughest part of the game for me on Apocalyptic. I eventually got passed it, but it took at least an hour of constant retries. If you're not too keen on trying ad nauseam to beat that part or starting all over again on an easier difficulty (if loading an earlier save isn't an option) then I'd say taking a break from it for a few weeks/months before starting over is a good idea. As someone who has had his fair share of lost save files, the very idea of starting all over again after so much progress is a little depressing. Always takes a while to get out of that funk. 
Hope you end up finishing the game eventually - I think the ending is pretty great.

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I just started my second playthrough on apocalyptic and am now a little nervous about this part. In all honesty, this game is selling for way below its actual value. I really enjoyed my first playthrough and believe you'd be better off hanging onto it than selling it for $5 or whatever you'd get for it at Gamestop. If worst comes to worst, start over at a lower difficulty and blaze through earlier parts of the game. If not, there's always YouTube for tips on beating that particular section; I'm sure I'll be consulting it when I reach that point in the game.

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It really is worth seeing through to the end, I got rid when I was right near the end when it came out. Got it again recently and it's a real gem :)

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I honestly don't remember the part that you're talking about. I played through it once on normal and then once on apocalyptic (and the PC port is busted so I couldn't NG+ with the final armor, had to refind it all). Definitely a game worth finishing.

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I'm probably telling you something you already know but it's important to attack certain enemies with certain weapons.  The wraiths are vulnerable to that glove thing that you attack using Y and you can handle them pretty easily if you can get them pinned against a wall.  I used a ton of charged switchblade attacks in this area to wear guys down, and don't forget your Chaos Form, but save until you hit the third wraith and the half-dozen hellguard soldiers.
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I actually just finished this game yesterday (I`ve had it for some time but never got around to play it). Those wraiths are kind of a pain, but they aren`t all that hard: 
-Use the glove. 
-Stay far away and use the pistol to wear them down. 
-Stoneskin is your friend. 
-Use more skill. 
And it`s been said already, but it really is worth it to see this game through, it`s rather epic and I think the sequel will be even better.

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You made it further than I. I played for about an hour and said hey! This game is not for me!

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Yup, i'd say finish it.
Too good not too. Or otherwise i am claiming you have no soul.
You have a soul... don't you? .....

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Hoah! I turned on my Xbox last night, plowed through the part I was stuck at on the first try and went on to beat the game in an all nighter, getting all the abyssal armor pieces while I was at it. I'm definitely in for Darksiders 2! Thanks for the support guys!

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Whenever Darksiders (or practically any other game) frustrates you, don't worry. Pop in Ninja Gaiden 2 and you'll crawl back to Darksiders crying, begging it to take you back.

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