PC version just keeps crashing and does not start....

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I think Ive finally given up on trying to get this game to run again and I'm kinda upset despite the fact that I bought this game off a Steam sale and I never got anything out of it which is incredibly frustrating. The game just doesn't run and no solution suggetesd in various forum posts on Steam and on the Darksiders site that has worked for some hasn't helped at all.

Fuck this game...Seriously.... I really want to play it BUT IT JUST WON"T LET ME

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@GaspoweR: What's the problem?  Does the game launch and then black screen?  Does it not launch at all?  Does it launch and play fine before crashing?
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I think what I did was set Darksiders to run as an Administrator. You'll have to navigate to it through your steam folders using My Computer or the equivalent. 
I didn't have any problems after that.

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what a weird necro

I think after a month your attempts to help may fall on deaf ears. He's probably long since given up haha =P

Just sayin'

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If it goes to a black screen after the Vigil games video then try deleting the...ATI/AMD video thing. I did that and it worked. But, since you said you tried everything on the Steam forums then I assume you tried that too.

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@CornBREDX: That's a good point. I didn't even notice. But if anyone else comes around looking for answers, maybe our suggestions will help them and they won't need to start a new thread.
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Weeeeell, in the off chance that he hasn't given up/found the solution. It's probably because of some kind of crossfire config, I had to disable my second GPU to run it.

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Uh, actually it just resolved on its own for some reason after a week or so...I don't know how it happened though since none of the video solutions worked and it just fixed itself. Anyway, I eventually finished the game and I was pretty happy with it.


THQ wasn't much of a help (since they handle support and not Vigil themselves) and I noticed that it was pretty much a problem for most people.

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