Quick Look: Darksiders

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"Alright, you gotta take the stick from Brad.  Now you play".

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This game looks great!

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It's finally back

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@drewbert said:
" @stratzilla said:
" The video fucks up in around 21:00. :c "
Fixing, we'll post it as soon as it's ready (it may be a while). "
That was some pretty trippy stuff though.
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I'm liking the art style of this a lot, it reminds me of Fable 2. 

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I bought this, I am in love with it. 
It's to me, what Zelda games should've been after the NES games.

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None of the new quick looks are working for me here at work. In fact, none of the Giant Bomb videos are working here. If  I don't get my Giant Bomb on lunch break I have a very bad day!

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The combat is not just jamming on X. It gets more complex as you go along.

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Oh man bummer that you had to start at the beginning of that challenge crap. It kind of bogs the game down, it happens occasionally that you have to clear a few of those to progress, and it's needless game padding, but outside of that it's totally awesome.

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The art design is freaking amazing,

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video is fucked halfway through :(

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@Rhaknar: Did you pause the video for 15 minutes?
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Just in case someone hasnt mentioned it, in the options screen, it should say codes or something, type in The Hollow Lord, and you'll get a better scythe. I believe it has more damage and gives more souls. (By the way, it was the main "pre-order secret item" code.)Anyway, It's a better scythe, and its free ingame.

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gruble...makes me think of RUNE..which was better!

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pretty abrupt ending
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i'm slowly becoming desensitised to post-apocalypse environments. When the real apocalypse hits its going to feel so natural...

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Going to pick this up later today, looks awesome. If the Zelda-esque adventuring is the main focus of the game for the majority of it, I will be a happy, happy man.

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Video player jacks up a lot. Completely freezes if you leave it sit, and first time you watch it, it ends short, and you have to rewind to catch the stuff the missed.

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Damn this game looks boring judging by the QL, it might get fun later on I suppose but this just looks boring

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Video cut off early and I'm totally ok with that.

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"are you gonna jump in that anus"

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That's so much better than "Darksiders"

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Game looks kinda boring.  On the other hand, that is a sweet horn.

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@Venatio said:

" Damn this game looks boring judging by the QL, it might get fun later on I suppose but this just looks boring "

Yeah, it's pretty rough section to do a Quick Look of. They're certainly not the game's strong point but I still found the challenge rooms funner to do than too watch, and they certainly didn't feel as long when playing them.
I also had more attacks and was playing on hard.
I really like it, tho I really hope they get the tearing issue fixed somehow.
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Suprising how this game has turned out, was expecting another Infamous vs Prototype fight between this and Bayonetta, but they don't have much in common after all.
Think thats a good thing, dont see many takes on Zeldas old formula.

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Everything about this game seems totally uninteresting...

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we're goin' quick look crazy! this game looks bad.

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Totally okay with the video cutting off.  Game looked unappealing to me.

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This game doesn't look terrible, but I'm not sure if I would want to spend full price on it.

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The game looks extremely boring but at the same times it looks like it can get much better later on.

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Too bad they picked that part of the game to do a quick look of... there are actually very few challenges like that in the game. The bulk of the game is spent in dungeons doing Zelda-like stuff: solving puzzles, fighting creatures, mini bosses, finding a new item that you will use to solve more puzzles, then making your way to the final boss chamber. You even get a new skull piece after defeating the boss, like Zelda.
The game gets more difficult and complex as you collect new items and abilities. I found dash to be way more useful than block, especially once you get the dash attack.
It makes me sad seeing everyone's comments saying that the game looks boring. You guys are missing out on an awesome game.

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BROooooohl. That is dangerously close to the brown note.

#86 Posted by AdMordem (512 posts) -

Video is finishing for me after 2 minutes.

#87 Posted by SaucySala (372 posts) -

I am really looking forward to this game. I don't mind button mashy combat... I love the weapon/character progression stuff and really diggin the art style.

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Looks pretty cool... I might give this game a try afterall.
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You definitly have to play Darkstalkers on 'Apocalyptic' difficulty or you will miss the thight combat mechanics and balancing.
Buttonmashing be gone - as simple as chosing the right difficulty. Some reviewers marked Darksiders down for being buttonmashy, even though it isn't on 'Apocalyptic' difficulty, which is available from the get-go.
A game shouldn't be marked down for being something it's not. If you don't like buttonmashing and prefer a real challenge and the need to master all combat mechanics, then you have to play on 'Apocalyptic'.
Darksiders combat is about as hard as 'Acolyte' in 'Ninja Gaiden'. It's a challenge and a lot of fun and far from being buttonmasher combat and remains fair throughout.
I'm just past the forth dungeon and man, the horseback gameplay is rad! Love it. Game gets steadily better. I'm am 3 x 4 hour-sessions in and it keeps on giving and giving.
Good shit!

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awesome game by the look of it!

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The more I watch this, the more it looks like a really great.... rental.
I could justify wasting a couple nights on it, no way could I justify buying it.

#92 Posted by AdMordem (512 posts) -

The more I watch this, the more it looks like a really great.... rental.
I could justify wasting a couple nights on it, no way could I justify buying it.

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this looks pretty cool. getting tired of post-apocalyptic/hell and demon themed games, but i like the zelda-esque/god of war idea for a genre.

#94 Posted by DukeTogo (1516 posts) -

Totally not the fault of GB, but the game is really generic and linear for the first hour, which is what this QL covered part of.  Later on the game is very much like Ocarina in how it plays and progresses.  Too bad they didn't play it a bit and had a save from later on to show this.
I'm upset that the game will likely get a bad rep based on early impressions, of the first section, even though it's the devs fault to design it that way.  The review should reflect the better parts of the game, while it's not a blockbuster, it's an above average action RPG that really doesn't have any competition this side the last console zelda game.

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do my eyes deceive me!? is this.... SUBTITLES!? FINALLY! Now I know what is happening during movie sequences!

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@Matfei90 said:

" @Seppli said:

"It's a nice break from exploration and dungeoneering.  "

Well exploring and dungeoneering sound alot more fun to me than those challenges. I was bored by the time they reached the second one.  "
It is.
But combat is far from boring 'buttonmashing', if you play it on 'Apocalyptic' difficulty. War doesn't take many hits and the enemies are a lot thougher and don't get pushed back as easily. You got to be on your toes and block, counter and dash - if you want to survive.
Also - they should have had the scythe by then. You get it for free (in-game currency) from Vulgrim, if you enter the code 'The Hollow Lord'. A little piece of paper included in the box tells you that.
Swordattacks are on X, Secondary weapon attacks are on Y (Scythe and Tremor Gloves), Finishers on B, Jump on A, (Air-)Dash/Block/Counter on RB, Mutator for Wrath-styles and Consumables is on LB, Focus is on L-Trigger, Gadget is on R-Trigger, quickswap of secondary weapons and gadgets is on d-pad.
That's lots of stuff to master in combat, especially given the many gadgets to mix in.  Combat itself feels like Ninja Gaiden with fewer weapons and less combos, but just as challengening. At least if you got the sense to play it on 'Apocalyptic'.
Also - since when is combat boring? Most modern games are combat focused from start to finish. Think of Darksiders as Zelda with Ninja Gaiden level of  combat (it's a bit easier, because of the overpowered Chaos-form of War, which pretty much gets you out of any pickle you find yourself in).
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I love this game.  I think it falls off toward the end though; a deluge of unnecessary puzzles and whatnot that slows the game down to a crawl.  Otherwise, is a great way to start 2010 :)

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Looks really boring. Mashing X all the time, I think I'd rather get Bayoneta or Mass Effect 2.

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So I'm really glad for Quick Looks. Usually, I can't be bothered to download and play a demo myself, and having heard so much raving about how cool this game is, I was thinking of picking it up; but it's nothing like what I expected. This looks like one of the most uninspired games I've seen in a long time. From the over graphical direction, to the UI, to the basic premise of the gameplay. God of War as a button masher with more leveling up mechanics.
But whatever... can't judge a game entirely based off a 30 minute video.

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