Quick Look: Darksiders

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@JohnRabbit said:
" @handlas said:
" @JohnRabbit:   Relax?  I didn't know I was conveying anger.  If the game is good, then Jeff's review will say so.  I don't think judging his thoughts during the quick look is the best idea.  The quick looks are more-so just for entertainment. "
Your initial post defended a position that wasn't being attacked (the quality of the Quick Look, Jeff's role in its production).  It comes across as needlessly accusatory.  More to the point, we seem to differ on how we view Quick Looks.  Video reviews to me are summary discussions on what a game contains, the quality of that content, and whether or not the particular reviewer liked the experience.  Quick Looks to me are a more "direct" review of a game; a player experiencing the game live and delivering immediate and off-the-cuff remarks. They do not have the luxury of time to carefully build and craft their thoughts into a shinier package (a review). A Quick Look to me has as much influence if not more on how I will personally feel about playing a particular title.  I just think Darksiders shows poorly overall.  The method in which its parts build upon one another does not become apparent until the end of the first dungeon (about 3 hours of game time), at the very least. Like you said, if the game is good (which it is) Jeff's review will echo this sentiment.  However it is not too much to expect the words and opinions expressed in a Quick Look would be somewhat indicative of the final assessment.    It is foolish to continue this debate however.  I look forward to the review. "
ehhh...relax dood.
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LAME This game rips off every other hit game of this type poorly. At least Dante's Inferno is interesting. This game isn't

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" What's screen tearing? "
When the screen splits in 2. Think of it like having a picture of a piece of paper. Cutting it in half horizontally, and moving the bottom half slightly to one side. The picture looks like it tears. Games do this sometimes but quickly so it looks like it's ripping, fixing and reripping over and over. Most times it's not a big issues but in some games(like Dead Rising) it gets bloody annoying.
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Awesome Young Ones quote...

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holy cow dude...how can the dudes at giant bomb goofing around get you so upset...dude games are suppose to be a slammin goodtime and these dudes here are funny as hell...if gaming and reviews get you that fired up,then quit gaming...you need to take a deep breath and a chill pill or open your own website...btw ive been enjoying these dudes humorous activities for 10 years,i doubt their going to change the way they do things because of  your rants....rock on with your badself
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what???  refine what???....its an action adventure game not a open sandbox game... if thats what your refering to by being refined.,dont know...its this way dude...you either like action adventures or story driven games with button mashing or you dont...i really like these type of games over any other again...and there pretty much the same,theres nothing to refine....god of war is an awesome game and when it comes out in march,nothing will even compare to the brutality and awesomeness[new word] of this game...lol...god of war...action adventure genre...nothing compares to it...that game is just fkin great    
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Looks like it turned out that Jeff really liked it. 4 out of 5 stars.  For those saying it's a rip-off (from Jeff's review):

Despite the way that Darksiders makes you think of some other game at every turn, it doesn't feel like some copycat piece of trash. Instead, all this "borrowing" results in a game that, at times, feels a whole lot like Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series. And it's done well enough that folks looking for a Zelda-style adventure won't be disappointed.

and about the story

 The story lurches a bit in spots, especially near the beginning of the game, but as more and more blanks get filled in, Darksiders' narrative gets stronger and stronger, culminating in a conclusion that answers all of the questions asked during the previous 15 hours while also setting things up for what would probably make for a pretty cool sequel. 

 and finally combat

Along the way, you'll experience plenty of combat. Darksiders has a fairly well-developed combat system that'll certainly reward you for just mashing buttons, but you can exchange the game's currency (souls, naturally) for additional attacks and weapons. The extra moves let you execute dash attacks, pop-up attacks that set up lengthy air combos, and so on. It's not entirely unlike God of War or Devil May Cry, if I may cram yet another game name or two into this review. The combat ends up feeling really satisfying as you get better and better at the additional moves, but the defensive end of the fighting, which lets you block, counter, and dash all by using the right bumper in various ways, doesn't feel as responsive as it should, making it tough to act with precision when you're being swarmed by angry demons. 

final quote

While you can explain a lot of things about Darksiders by listing off other games that are directly referenced during the adventure, the game doesn't feel like some simple clone.

This game cannot be judged by a simple look at the beginning of the game.  It needs to be played through it's relatively weak beginning to experience it's strong middle and end.  This is Vigil's first game and if it doesn't get support, we won't see more great games like this come out.  Vote with your wallet.  This is an experience worth your money (unless you hate the Zelda style game that is...)
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dude you need a play by play...damn this game is awesome...dont know why your so negative in every post you write...its either with you, a copy of some other game so it sucks,needs something more..god only know what u r talking about and the reviewers need to be more redifined....if you like a story driven action adventure game...like prince of persia,god of war,ratchett and clank,jax and daxter,and so on...buy it,if not to bad cause this game rocks the fk out...cheers misery


on Jan. 11, 2010
where be the review?  Jeff get bored of it and quit playing?    
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I see what you guys mean about the challenge sections but then again, they're all over every Ratchet and Clank game and I found myself actually looking forward to the arena bits in those games. 
Still, I picked this up with Bayonetta last weekend and still haven't got around to playing. This vid has made me want to get into it.

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I can hear the developers going: ''DAMNIT! Of all the parts he could have picked to show our game ... DAMNIT!'' I'm almost through the game and the part being shown here is in my overall top three of things I didn't care for in this game ... and Darksiders is a long game. Stupid challanges.

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love this game this is the zelda game type iv been waiting for......... 
horse men rulezzzz!!! 

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Darksiders is discussed on this week's InitialReaction, a new podcast dedicated to talking about the games and movies we are playing and looking forward to.  
Check it out

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i enjoyed this quick look.

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Just picked up Darksiders, played around 3-5hours so far. Seems interesting, the plot has me interested and I like the artstyle. Very bad spot for a QL though. Looking forward to playing more, so thumbs up.

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Onimusha? Cars have souls? crazy demons walking into walls?

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War has a Powerfist! 40k ftw :) I want to play this so bad.

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Problem with this Quicklook is that everything before this was pretty awesome.  They just happened to show something pretty dull.
And I recommend playing this on apocalyptic (you know, hard).  Makes the combat a lot more satisfying than it appears to be here.

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It seems like inception ripped off the darksiders horn :-)

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I can't watch this and hear the jokers voice... its so jokers voice. 

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Seems to be a bit too influenced by God Of War series.. IMO.

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i impulse bought this today. looking forward to it.

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I just beat this for the first time yesterday - great game.

Can't wait for Darksiders II!

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Liam O Brien is in EVERYTHING

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Yay for bumping old threads

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Wait, why is this QL has its own thread? Videos don't have threads.

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Because Drew said so. And you're a BIT behind on this one.

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This Quick Look contains what is probably the worst part of the game. Someone might watch this and think "what the hell? Why do people like this game!?"

The rest of it is much better.

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Old threads being bumped isn't necessarily a bad thing if people are going back and play Darksiders in anticipation of Darksiders II. However, as others have said, don't let the portion of the game being shown in this Quick Look dissuade you from playing the game. It's easily the worst part of an otherwise excellent game.

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@OneAndOnlyBigE said:

Old threads being bumped isn't necessarily a bad thing if people are going back and play Darksiders in anticipation of Darksiders II. However, as others have said, don't let the portion of the game being shown in this Quick Look dissuade you from playing the game. It's easily the worst part of an otherwise excellent game.

I bought Darksiders earlier this year after Patrick talking about playing through it. I love it and can't wait for DS 2. The part in the QL is where I'm at in the game, actually.

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Real tempted to pick it up. Any ideas where I can get it super cheap? 

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@theimmortalbum You love it and can't wait for the sequel after playing 20 min of a 30 hour game?
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@Hunkulese said:

@theimmortalbum You love it and can't wait for the sequel after playing 20 min of a 30 hour game?

Yep. I'm already sold on it. Haha.

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I'm upset at myself for not having played this game when it came out. I have it out on Gamefly now (just in time eh?) and I love it. I've always been into games like God of War and Legend of Zelda and this game mixes the two pretty greatly. Can't wait to finish it and play the second! (LOOT!)

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One of those games I seriously regret trading in. I might just buy this on Steam just so I can play it every now and then.

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This game looks BORING AS SHIT.

Jesus christ, this game got a sequel? Was THQ so affluent before the shitstorm that was 2011 that they could afford to finance it?

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