Stuck in The Black Throne.

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Ok so I went back into the black throne to grab Fury's Embrace to help me find all the treasures, but now that I have it it's impossible to leave. I'm currently in the room where you get the voidwalker and there is no way to get back through the door I came from. I went through a FAQ and followed it to exit it the normal way, but the door at the end is sealed having been there already. Many people have said they went back to get it and none have said they got stuck to my knowledge. I could be missing something, but if anyone can shed some light on this that would be great.
EDIT: FUUUCK, nevermind.

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@Ossi: No glitch then? Would have been a nightmare having to restart it all for that. Now I'm worried I'll do the same.
...*Does the same*...
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@GetEveryone: No glitch. I had a feeling I was missing something even after trying for 30min. But I guess I should clarify that opposite of the door you enter from in that room you can go back the same way by shooting a portal on the protruding ceiling area ( facing the door ). It was just very tricky to spot since you don't need to go back that way the first time around.
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Thanks so much for posting this.  I thought I was stuck in the same spot, but found the portal that points right at the door you need to get to.

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