...These God Forsaken, Devil repulsing Portal Pistol Puzzles!!

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Darksiders... a fantastic game that I'm enjoying a hell alot of more than I would of ever anticipated. Huge variety of combat techniques/weapons/abilities, attractive cartoony, almost comic book like, visuals with a story that has done well in pushing me forward to find out more. I've now hit the part where I must free Azrael and these damn Portal Pistol Puzzles are such an aggravating motherfuck! It's not like they're all too difficult, just pretty tough to get your head around what needs to be shot where and this must go here ect. ect. I'm at the final Seal or whatever but frankly I really hope after this I can put this fuckin Portal Poser down afterwards.  
It's hardly ruining the game for me but this most certainly the games biggest drawback for me. Should I play through again I can tell I'l be dreading this segment even though I'll now have the solutions already pin pointed. 
Now I'd like to hope that I'm not the only one who shares this frustration?...

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Oh, you're not. In fact, the developers themselves weren't even completely satisfied with it

“It was the last dungeon we did. It was the one we were rushing to finish towards the end. It definitely didn’t get the time and care -- but I’m proud of it. There’s a lot of cool puzzles in there and stuff.” 

And yes, I agree. As if all the portal puzzles weren't enough, I actually glitched through one of the lifts at one point, making a portion of the dungeon completely inaccessible. Granted, that was after I beat the game and when I was just searching for missing treasure chests, but now there will always be one chest I won't be able to reach. Until I start a new game that is. But let that be a warning, don't mess around on the lifts too much, or you might end up having to do the whole game over again.

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I dunno; I didn't really have too many problems with the portal puzzles.  I thought that they were pretty well done.

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The last dungeon was the worst by far, but I love that game so much.

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@skrutop said:
" I dunno; I didn't really have too many problems with the portal puzzles.  I thought that they were pretty well done. "
No denying they're clever. But they just went on and on... Tedium was the true boss battle for that dungeon.
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I'm this close to putting the game down because of the portal puzzles. This Black Throne dungeon really ruins the pacing for me. gaaaaaah

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@fidli: Three years later and that part of the game is still a douchebag. I watched a Let's Play of that final area to figure out a couple of those damn portals. But knowledge and implementation were two different things in my case :/

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@yummylee: That part of the game is the part that made me want to stop playing it forever but I went on and then the ending was awesome. Seriously, fuck that part. One of the worst areas in any game ever.

HOLY NECRO. I knew this thread had to be old.

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