Undead Magician?

#1 Posted by Falcon5008 (117 posts) -

I was running around in Darksiders, at the Drowned Pass, when some Undead Magician person just appeared out of no where and started attacking me. I encountered this undead magician twice so far. Once at Drowned Pass, and another at Twilight Cathedral.  
Anyone know anything about him, where else I can find him, and what I have to do?
#2 Posted by Seppli (11233 posts) -

Flavor encounter.
My favorite 'WTF!?!' videogame moment of 2010 so far.
I think nobody has figuered out yet, what that dude is for.
If you fight him the right way (counters, charge attacks), he's worth up to 2'000 currency souls.

#3 Posted by OneKillWonder_ (1990 posts) -

I'm also not really sure what he's for, if anything. I didn't find one in Drowned Pass, but I did find one in Anvil's Ford, as well as the one in Twilight Cathedral. There can't be more than 3 of these things in the entire game. I've looked through just about every inch of the game world so far.

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