sparkster82's Darksiders (Xbox 360) review

Restore the balance?

Is Darksiders a Zelda ripp-off ?thats not an issue ,the real problem of the game is the balance,yeah it's good ,it uses great features of famous franchises but suffers of fatal flaws.
A combat system far from perfect ,only one competent weapon(the sword),useless items and spells,some tidious puzzle in the second part of the adventure and a last quest quite boring (lets collect some Triforce pieces, Yeah...). 
But to be honest there is some good points :Ruin Joins the best horses of video games ,Aggro and Epona.The tokens on weapons to modifies theirs abilities adds some depth ,few boss fights,the designs of demons(especially if you're a Madureira fan)and the game lenght .
I sound harsh but I salute the developers they've done a good job but its not in the pantheon of videos games.


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