pissedoffthewitch's Darksiders (Xbox 360) review

Like a greatest hits with the end of the world theme.

    Allot of ideas and innovations that are made in games are almost guaranteed to be picked up by other games and developers. In some cases, this helps to improve or make the ideas better, if elaborated on. Darksiders, Is not one of those games. It doesn't want to improve anything, it simply wants to give you the best of both worlds and it does to a point.
    Because it's a bad-ass idea, you play as War, one of the Four-Horsemen. You've been betrayed or screwed over or something, I don't know, anytime you see the word "Betrayed" on a game, you know it's reason enough to split someone in two. Like Vengeance always does, you'll be traversing threw different words, dungeons, finding new treasure, fighting giant bosses, yea familiar territory but Darksiders borroww from the best though, The Legend of Zelda. This will sound like a great concept if you don't own a Wii and are wanting a bloody version of a Zelda game. Anyone looking for a decent adventure game though... well this is why they invented rentals.
    The combat is slow, yet simple and forgiving, it's easy to pick up but those looking for a deep combat system like God of War, won't find all that much to it here. Unlike God of War, there is no quick-time events. Instead, their replaced with a quick button press to finish off enemies with a glorious red mist. Different weapons such as Deaths big fancy blade and a rip off of Link's boomerang, add some variety to game-play, but the boomerang, bombs seem to only come in handy with certain enemies.
    there is allot of ground to cover in Darksiders, and allot of the visuals and art design are colorful and well used, but the levels themselves lack a bit of excitement to them. Some areas can be straight forward to just plain boring. The story doesn't really help either to keep you interested, it borders on rolling-your-eyes predictable. What does keep you coming back is the idea that in every dungeon you get something new, and purchasing new, stronger upgrades for your weapons help a bit too.
    There's nothing to Darksiders, aside from it's concept, pretty art style, and brutal combat, it's still fairly enjoyable and running around as a Horsemen is totally rewarding, especially when you hear a boss refer to you as so. It's almost guaranteed that we will see a Darksiders sequel and this is the starting point of a franchise, so if you can't wait for GOW III or have a itch for something resembling a Zelda game. This might tide you over.

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