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Good Zelda like game.

 This game is great if you liked Zelda you will like this game. It's basically Zelda but with a more adult theme and a more robust story. Are there things I didn't like about it shit ya. Are they ignorable? Depends on your tolerance and game play preferences. Me I'm not a huge fan of hack and slash games like god of war and this is one of those hack 'n' slash games as far as the combat goes. But I will work my way through them for a interesting story and other gameplay elements I do like. There is a good pacing to this game with a good mix of combat and puzzles/exploration so I didn't find the combat so tedious as I do in God Of War type games.

The voice work is kinda hit and miss but again you can get past it for some of the really good VO I personally was not entirely happy with War's voice actor not because he was bad per-say but because his voice got on my nerves. But I loved one of the demons you keep running in to for the first chunk of the game. I also found a few scenes cut off too quickly and some go on for longer then they needed too. But overall a good pacing to the story as well.

All that said any Zelda fan should give this a look see. I found it pretty fun overall. And would put it up there with my must play games this gen.


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