pipeandslippers's Darksiders (Xbox 360) review

more like, good game-siders

vigil games has done it again, straining and releasing another output into the public game supply, and consider me among the happy willing players to look up with pleasure and receive their considerable offering, and writhe around in metaphorical apoplexy in the expertly constructed and infinitely detailed world they (vigil games) has constructed in the form of the darksiders world.  you play as the horseman, pictured on box cover, and you may often find yourself rearing up on the horse, standing on a pile of human skulls, such is the gritty and circumspect nature of the horsemans world. the art design of the world is equal parts shitty and uninteresting, as is the story the horseman finds himself in. you may find yourself straining to find the zelda-based gameplay this game contains in spades, but you will be hard pressed to look past the bog-like cast of people and goblins. the horseman himself is a literal shit bandit, i cant imagine who would ever find these of characters interesting at all, mark hamill plays a little shit weasel that follows the horsman around, and manages to stink up the place in more ways than one. horsman gallops from one shithead to the next in search of the end game, which he graciously finds between end boss and credits. this game has a certain flavour to it, that many may find too spicy, others may enjoy as a delicacy, but it can definitely be said, that it is a dish best served cold, by which i mean, its inarguably shitty.  3 stars.

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