symbollic's Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower (PlayStation Portable) review

Great Fighter for the PSP

There has been a hand full of portable fighting games. Darkstalkers is the best so far. This game has plenty of things to keep you occupied on the road, in the bathroom, and even at home. With the controls of the PSP you can set the controls to how you want.

This game is packed with fun, and amazing characters with plenty of personality. There are also 3 different fighting modes on this game. First of the three is Arcade. Arcade is the average you pick a character, go through stages until the final stage where you usually fight a boss who sometimes kicks your ass and sometimes gets his ass beat like a whiny baby. The next mode is Tower. Tower is a very long frustrating mode which at least 100 stages you have to do through without saving, without your three chosen fighters dying. So far I've gotten to 41 and it says i've beaten 14% of the tower... During tower mode you will occasionally fight shadow characters who are a lot harder to kill than your average opponent. Then the last and most common fighting mode is Practice. This is where you train your novice skills to advance in tower, arcade, or online.

Another feature of this game is Chronicles. Chronicles is where you store your unlocked data. Like for examples pictures or concept art of fighters and things. Also it has audio from characters like there voices and sounds when they get hit. The last thing it has is ending of previous Darkstalkers games and this one.

Darkstalkers Chronicles: The Chaos Tower also has online so you can go mono on mono with a friend. This game is currently $30 dollars and for the Sony PSP. Also soon to come out for the PSP is Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX which I hope does as good as Darkstalkers.


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