Darkstalkers 3 possibly heading to PSN

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Capcom has announced that Vampire Savior EX ( Darkstalkers 3) along with Cyberbots, Star Gladiator and Mega Man 4 will be heading to the PSN in Japan. There is a chance these titles could be re-released over seas as well, giving a lot of people who originally missed out on playing these games or simply sold there copy another chance to enjoy them. There was no mention of when the games would be up in Japan or the price.
Most fans by now probably already know but Capcom has been pumping out random Darkstalkers' avatars for PSN as well and most recently Hsien-Ko was announced in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 where she'll be joining Felicia and Morrigan.
I'm kind of excited but I'd love a new game in geneneral :/ I hope at least in Japan that interest in the series will get a little spark. Hsien-ko also looks pretty cool in MvC3, its amazing to see 3D versions of Felicia and her.
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Hopefully this is the beginning of the next game coming out.

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DO WANT, Darkstalkers is simply awesome

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to be fair there's a lot of games on the Japanese Playstation store that aren't out in the US or Europe, I really would love it if they did bring it out.. because I really do like the darkstalkers games

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I really wish I had that picture of Fry with the handful of money. 
I played the hell out of Darkstalkers on the SNES and our Wal-Mart even had the arcade cabinet WAAAAAAAY back when. Never got to play 2 or 3. I really hope this makes it over to western regions.
EDIT: Well shit, I guess there wasn't a SNES version of Darkstalkers. What the hell am I thinking of then? I absolutely know I played the arcade version though, I always played Sasquatch and Anakris, though I absolutely cannot use Anakris in MVC2 now.

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@VicRattlehead:  For sure. I think I'm going to look at it in that "expect the worse (port) but hope for the best." But I want this game! [:<

@Zippedbinders:  You might be thinking of the Sega Saturn, Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge came out on it.
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" @Zippedbinders:  You might be thinking of the Sega Saturn, Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge came out on it. "
I've never even seen a Saturn in real life, let alone played one. After some research it was probably the PS1 version (it was definitely the first game), I was like, 8 at the time. All I remember is using a controller with 4 face buttons, I remember the arcade version a lot more.
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Yoshinori Ono said he would love to make the next Darkstalkers game. Since he did such a good job on SF4, I can't think of a better person to materialize this.    
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updates or straight rips?

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Update: On the Japanese Playstation website they list the game as 600 yen or around 7 to 8 USD. The game is coming out in Japan February 9th (5 more days). I'm assuming the game is going to be a direct port of the PS1 EX version, I don't see any mentions of an update or online play.
@Zippedbinders:  Ah! Sorry about that.
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An HD version would be great but probably not going to happen. 
Oh, and Cyberbots is a fucking great fighting game as well. 

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