Monsters you would like for Darkstalkers 4

#1 Posted by ShrimpDino (118 posts) -

What Monsters would you like for to have in Darkstalkers 4

Monsters that i want for Darkstalkers 4 are






Computer Virus Monster

Nature Monster or put Amigo in the game

Gollum/Rock Monster







#2 Posted by LobsterVendetta (115 posts) -

It probably wouldn't be something most would want for the series, but I always wanted to see a Terminator-like dude, considering the first movie was like a strange version of a horror/slasher film. A computer virus would be pretty cool too.

#3 Posted by Bleeble (98 posts) -

As long as it gets made I don't care what they put in it.

#4 Posted by bibamatt (1123 posts) -


#5 Posted by Alkaiser (394 posts) -

Come on Capcom, make it happen. Pharaoh vs Commando.

#6 Posted by C2C (889 posts) -

As long as the fighting system is near as good as it was in Vampire Savior, I would be completely happy with the same cast returning.

That being said, some sort of weird alien thing is about the only B-movie scary monster type they haven't touched.

#7 Posted by Oullie (68 posts) -

Pretty much with a couple of other people, I'd just like to see the game get mad and hopefully well made. I feel like I'm too far attached to the current roster so thinking of new characters or accepting them (oh but I will accept them) is hard.

To comply with the thread though, I guess some sort of hunchback creature. He could be like the Dan to Victor's Blanka. Or is that backwards?

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