Quicklook a must

#1 Posted by MrWakka (101 posts) -

This is possibly the best/worst thing i've seen in recent history. a 10 year development cycle, 15 hours of live action film, the cast of MST3k... GiantBomb, Screened, TANG? Whoever needs to seriously get on this for a quicklook, review or endurance run.

#2 Posted by Gamer_152 (14078 posts) -

I second this. This game looks like a beautiful trainwreck of entertainment.

#3 Posted by GetEveryone (4455 posts) -

What? I don't even...

#4 Posted by Azteck (7449 posts) -

I fully support this proposition.

#5 Posted by pekoe212 (449 posts) -

That could be awesome. Although I'm worried they would make so much fun of it they would ensure no one on this site ever buys it.

#6 Posted by MrWakka (101 posts) -

Possibly, but then i would question how many here are actually going to buy it anyway. If anything it would give it free coverage that i doubt it would otherwise receive, which could in turn make people aware of it, and potentially buy it. Persona 4 for example was off my radar but i ended up buying it from the ER.

#7 Posted by pekoe212 (449 posts) -
@MrWakka: You're probably right.

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