gamer_jay813's Darkwatch (Xbox) review

Vampire Cowboys... Not as good as it sounds


Darkwatch is a western shooter mixed in with the supernatural element of demons, beasts, and most of
all Vampires. This game stars rough tough, one eyed bandit of the west, Jericho Cross, and on one faithful night picked the wrong train to rob. The game begins
on said train, warming up your skills o’ survival and introduces you to the beginning demons you will face later on. Many B button melee attacks and twice as many trigger pulls later, you come to an impasse, or the treasure you came to pick up. Intercepted by a scantily clad cowgirl, the vault is blown open and the Prince of Darkness, no not Ozzy, is set free. Not long after you’re turned
into one of the bloodsuckers yourself. And once again through another tutorial, only this time to teach you your vampire ways, as if you needed to be taught, ha! You go through the game fighting off the same cloned armies of the dead, slowly fighting your way to the Vampire who turned you into the monster you are now.

Though the enemies are basically the same wave after wave, the weapons, however, come in great diversities.
Shotguns, explosive crossbows, pistols, and many more, with the added bonus of most with blades added to the ends for extra slicing and dicing power, for those hard to cut demons. The scenes and the graphics are… sub par to say the least, at first what was jaw dropping became over used and sometimes questionable. Don’t get me wrong they were still better than some but sometimes
that’s not much of a compliment. The comedic moment of the game, to at least add a distraction, was the Vampiric sex scene, where the girl was completely unclothed, and Mr. Cross is some how fully clothed and still wearing his hat and badge. An awkward sight but still comedy that breaks the doldrums of the game.

It gets repetitive quickly, the enemies barely change, the endings are below the level they should be for a
game that allows you to choose between good and evil. The sad thing is the most compelling moment of the game was the end boss battles, just to finish the annoying moments of hordes of enemies and the shaky and unstable controls and camera.   The menus were, for the most part, done well, for the tiny amount of information it had to display. In all I say that Capcom could have picked up the ball on the enemies, adding a better variety or different skills to them, such as powerful spells or more creative looks, instead of the standard skeletons wielding swords, or banshees, as well as maybe a bigger variety of missions that made things more enjoyable and test
out the Vamp powers like it was more of a surprise.

My final thoughts on the game: Overall didn’t give all it promised it would, the weapons and menus worked well with the game/story but the overuse of enemies and used plot line
with clunky controls at times, makes me give the game a 6 out of 10

Well now that that is all said and done, this review is actually one of the older ones that I had to sound serious about, but in retrospect... I really don't think I needed to with how bad the game really turned out. But for now we have to live and let live, and kill as many undead creatures as you can before your power is shut off I suppose, regardless this is Gamer Jay saying live long and game hard.
Posted by HanssenTheMighty

Not bad not bad at all.  Please read my review.

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