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Darmani was a highly respected Goron warrior in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The Goron Elder's Son looked up to him and always endearingly referred to him as Darmi. When Snowhead was struck with a terrible curse that caused the land to encounter unnatural freezing temperatures, Darmani sought to find a solution. While attempting to climb the Snowhead Mountain, a powerful gust of wind blew him off the ledge and killed him. His unrest spirit remained to haunt the Goron Village. Finally, Link was able to see him with the Lens of Truth and calmed his soul with the Song of Healing. What remained was the Goron Mask, which allowed Link to transform into Darmani's body.


When Link takes on Darmani's form, he finds that he is able to deal massive damage through punches and stomps. Also, if Link begins to roll and gains enough power, he can reach magnificent speeds that cause spikes to protrude from his back.

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