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Dauragon is the adopted son of a former CEO for the Mikado Group Corporation. It is from the training he received all of his life that enables him, at age twenty-six, to become the CEO. His plans for Dominique are nebulous, but his responsibility in her kidnapping is without question.

It is eventually revealed that Dauragon had a younger sister and, while orphans, they were refused entry to a hospital when his sister became ill. Found on the street by the Mikado CEO, they were taken in and Dauragon's sister was given medical treatment, but did not survive. The Mikado CEO agreed to adopt Dauragon as his son and Mikado heir if he promised to strenuously train his mind and body to become someone worthy of being his heir.

Though Dauragon agreed and was raised in the lap of luxury while working hard in his education and martial training, he grew to despise the regimen and became resentful toward his adoptive father. At the age of twenty-six, he took over as the Mikado CEO and immediately began to abuse his position to pursue his own personal vendettas.

The crown jewel of Dauragon's scheme is a satellite that, while supposedly launched for benevolent purposes, is actually an orbital laser cannon. He also constructed an android in the guise of his deceased sister, Dominique, to serve as the key to firing the weapon. After Dominique runs away, he sends his men out to find her and bring her back, and then takes off into space with her in order to utilize the cannon.

After Dauragon uses the satellite weapon to destroy the hospital that had spurned him and his sister as children, he is confronted and defeated by the three bouncers Sion Barzahd, Volt Krueger, and Kou Leifoh.

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