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David Bateson was born of British parents in South Africa but was raised in Canada. One day, a friend from Copenhagen persuaded Bateson to go for an audition for IO Interactive's Hitman: Codename 47 and he eventually won the part. Not only did IO utilized his voice but his face as well (for Agent 47's character model).

Bateson has also appeared in the films "Breaking the Waves" and "Debutanten". When the Hitman movie was announced, many gamers were dissapointed to find that the role of 47 was not to be played by Bateson, but by Vin Diesel (and later, Timothy Olyphant). A petition was made by fans to make 20th Century Fox reconsider with their decision but it was eventually removed. Bateson recorded two lines for the winners of a contest in a Hitman fansite.

Bateson had provided the voice of Agent 47 since the very beginning but he was initially opted out from the series, much to the dismay from fans and even Bateson himself. "No one from IO Interactive is answering my calls, e-mails or sms," said Bateson in a interview with a fan on June 11, 2011. Bateson would officially confirm this on his personal website saying that he has been "unceremoniously dropped from the franchise", and added that he was unable to make further comments due to "legal reasons."

On August 29, 2012 it was announced that Bateson would return for Hitman: Absolution after all. IO Interactive cited a "change of heart" after "playing 'hard to get'" and revealed Bateson's reprisal of his role via a video given to a fan by IO's community manager Nick Price.

Additional Info

  • Bateson's favorite Hitman game is Hitman: Contracts.
  • Bateson didn't like the 2007 Hitman film and criticized Timothy Olyphant for being too young and unfit for the role of Agent 47.
  • He enjoys surfing.

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