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#1 Edited by Jonathan (664 posts) -

One of the greatest musicans of all time, and the only man that can make sexual ambiguity look badass: David Bowie.  

#2 Posted by Yummylee (22663 posts) -

Guy's great. He can even make Brad sound like a heart clenching hottie.

#3 Posted by AltonBrown (950 posts) -

You are using my avatar as the top image in this thread.

#4 Posted by NickLott (793 posts) -

Top Five Bowie Albums:  
Hunky Dory
The Man Who Sold The World 
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust 
Diamond Dogs

#5 Posted by President_Barackbar (3480 posts) -

Ground control to Major Tom: This thread is awesome!

#6 Posted by GunstarRed (5542 posts) -

Should have linked it to the Bowie page. Life on mars is always my first Choice of song in Singstar.  Love Ziggy Stardust and Low albums even if some fucker i used to know stole them both. 
#7 Posted by Ghostiet (5450 posts) -

I appreciate David Bowie.

Thank you.

#8 Edited by Jimbo (10063 posts) -

...  How'd you get embedding to work?

#9 Posted by Jonathan (664 posts) -
@AltonBrown: Holy shit. I knew I've seen that image around here. Didn't realize it was your avatar. 
@nicklott: I'm thoroughly convinced that Low is the greatest album of the 70s.
#10 Posted by Raymayne (1226 posts) -

I fully approve of this thread, and think it needs more Life on Mars:  

#11 Posted by Jonathan (664 posts) -
@Jimbo said:
" ...  How'd you get embedding to work?
By having to edit my post like 5 times. Image and video embedding is still pretty buggy.
#12 Posted by TheSeductiveMoose (3625 posts) -

David Bowie is awesome.

#13 Posted by AgentMOO (183 posts) -

I approve of this thread, I can spend a day just listening to bowie albums

#14 Posted by Atomasist (2818 posts) -

Freddy Mercury is better.

#15 Posted by PrivateIronTFU (3874 posts) -

He's also Sovereign, leader of The Guild of Calamitous Intent.

#16 Posted by Vinny_Says (5729 posts) -

did he die?

#17 Posted by CandleJakk (766 posts) -

Agreed, Bowie is awesome. Anyone else love the Jean Genie?

#18 Posted by Hector (3382 posts) -

David Bowie is awesome. Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies thanks to him. :)

#19 Posted by Sin4profit (3027 posts) -

the hell? alright, well...i'll just say Omikron and be on my way then.

#20 Posted by NickLott (793 posts) -

And let's appreciate some of the man's acting, particularly his southern accent:  

#21 Posted by TheGreatGuero (9130 posts) -

Straight up, this is one of the main reasons I'm really considering buying DJ Hero right now. All because of Bowie.

#22 Posted by abbeyroad992 (15 posts) -
#23 Posted by abbeyroad992 (15 posts) -

Cygnet Committee is by far my favorite David Bowie song
#24 Posted by kmdrkul (3476 posts) -

Lets Dance is his best.

#25 Posted by Jonathan (664 posts) -
#26 Posted by JJOR64 (19096 posts) -

David Bowie was in Spongbob so he is my hero.

#27 Posted by MadeinFinland (839 posts) -

*Bows Low*

#28 Posted by 9cupsoftea (651 posts) -


#29 Posted by Jonathan (664 posts) -
@9cupsoftea: Holy shit, that's the best Bowie impression I've ever heard.
#30 Edited by bybeach (5054 posts) -
@AltonBrown said:

"You are using my avatar as the top image in this thread.  Cool?"

You know you have won your point when someone steals it from you, makes it his avator with a thinly veiled threat that there will be no fucking arguement. 
My favorite album was Aladinsane. Panic in detroit and Cracked actor, 2 great rockers. Other works of his varies from unbelievable in this reality, to bleh. So cool that Major Tom was at the end of Alan Wake.  
Also this; 
#31 Posted by NickLott (793 posts) -

And let us appreciate Jermaine Clement's amazing impression of the man followed by a Flight of the Concords tribute:  

#32 Posted by cap123 (2477 posts) -

One of the best men who has ever lived. 

#33 Posted by yakov456 (1935 posts) -

Labyrinth Bowie is awesomeness.

#34 Posted by Jonathan (664 posts) -

Best album of the 70s.
#35 Posted by Blair (2532 posts) -

I love David Bowie.  Huge fan.  What an amazing artist.

#36 Posted by MHumphreys89 (730 posts) -

I enjoyed watching him play as Nikola Tesla in the Prestige and i'm looking forward to play Space Oddity in Rock Band 3. : D

#37 Posted by supermike6 (3656 posts) -

 I love David Bowie, especially Space Oddity.

#38 Posted by Bruce (5264 posts) -
"Heroes" dude..."Heroes".
#39 Posted by DrBeardface (263 posts) -

Duders, I am going to tear up some Space Oddity in Rock Band 3!  CANNOT WAIT!!!
@ nicklott  You beat me to posting it!  I absolutely loved that song when I first heard it, a fitting tribute to a crazy awesome musician.

#40 Posted by Helushune (212 posts) -

  I appreciate David Bowie's magical balls...

    ... Oh, and his music.  That too.
#41 Posted by ThePickle (4183 posts) -

I celebrate the man's entire catalogue.  

#42 Posted by Synthballs (2193 posts) -

I saw his name and "the Hearts Filthy Lesson" came into my head. Thanks a lot. Love it.

#43 Posted by Video_Game_King (36271 posts) -

As the top editor of the David Bowie page, I appreciate him.

#44 Edited by Jonathan (664 posts) -
@Bruce: It's amazing, don't get me wrong, but Low is a more consistent album. The Idiot was the only relatively bad thing David Bowie was involved in during that time. Controversial opinion, I know.
#45 Posted by Wintermute (53 posts) -

Of all the Queen songs in Rock Band I enjoy singing Under Pressure the most. And I have to say, I'm almost as excited to play Space Oddity in RB3 as I am to play Bohemian Rhapsody.  
We should all thank the rock gods that David Bowie wasn't crushed under the mountain of drugs he must have consumed in the 70's and 80's.
#46 Posted by InfamousBIG (3235 posts) -
@nicklott said:
" And let's appreciate some of the man's acting, particularly his southern accent:  
Man, he was good in that movie.
#47 Posted by Zidane_24 (742 posts) -
@PrivateIronTFU said:
" He's also Sovereign, leader of The Guild of Calamitous Intent. "
I'm always on board for a Sovereign appreciation thread. 
Oh, and I guess his tunes are pretty great too.
#48 Posted by probablytuna (3898 posts) -

Sound and Vision is probably my favourite Bowie song. 
Also, Cat People (Putting Out Fire) is a recent favourite because of its inclusion in Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds.

#49 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1539 posts) -

I'm Afraid of Americans is pretty good. 
#50 Posted by tranquilchaos (576 posts) -

I appreciate the hell out of David Bowie. 
The man is a damn genius,

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