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Early Career

Before starting his career in the video game industry, David Gilbert worked a 9-to-5 white collar job in New York City's Garment district. In 2001 he began playing around with the user-friendly Adventure Game Studio, making free games and projects to the Adventure Game Studio community. Finding his 9-to-5 job unfulfilling, he packed up and left for South Korea to teach English, returning a year later.

The Shiva and Wadjet Eye Games

In 2006, with limited funds and living off his savings, Gilbert made the mystery point and click adventure game, The Shiva. He would routinely program the game at his local coffee shop as his new job. He came to a realisation that it was his real job.

"As I was making it, it felt like a real job. I was working and I kept thinking ‘I love doing this. I can't imagine doing anything else,'"

Wadjet Eye Games, started out as a website and placeholder name to putout The Shiva on. When the game became a success it was too late for him to change the name, and the name stuck.

The Blackwell Legacy Series

After completing and releasing The Shiva, Gilbert got started on his next project The Blackwell Legacy, a game about a reluctant medium, Rosangela and her spirit guide Joey. The game was an ambitious project, requiring more resources than what was available at the time. The game was then split into three games as well as its sequels. Gilbert has said that Gabriel Knight's series was a major influence on the Blackwell series. The combination of real world historical events interacting with fictionalised characters.

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