Next David Jaffe game?

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#1 Posted by turboman (9051 posts) -

What's would you like to be his next game with Eat. Sleep.Play.?

PSN Game? Twisted Metal? New IP? or a game where he yells at you for 4 hours?

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#2 Posted by Archaic (53 posts) -

Twisted Metal PS3 im assuming. They need to work on that ASAP. Seriously.

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#3 Posted by Shade (121 posts) -

Hope he makes a new kickass twisted metal game. I'm quite a fan of the previous games. I also hope it would be multiplatform, since I only have a 360 and pc =(

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#4 Posted by Shocker (2324 posts) -

I am also hoping for another great Twisted Metal game.

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#5 Posted by Thunder (401 posts) -

I really hope its a twisted metal game i loved all the other ones

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#6 Posted by demonbear (1934 posts) -

I'd like a new IP. He's a creative guy with good ideas. The work he did on God of War was so awesome. He didnt reinvent nothing but the whole game is kickass from start to finish.

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#7 Posted by Oni (2283 posts) -

I'm pretty sure it's a Twisted Metal game. Signs of it are all over the place. Just lots of little hints if you keep up with his blog.

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#8 Posted by Abdulrhman (6 posts) -

A New IP ... i hope to see what he have , Not Cars and Racing Games ,,, Not A Mitholge , Somthing New .

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#9 Posted by Linkyshinks (11400 posts) -

Does he have a role on God of War 3

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#10 Edited by banned8921 (1374 posts) -

Corn beef vs Pastrami: Battle of the 21'st century.

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#11 Posted by StaticFalconar (4918 posts) -

Twisted Metal for the PS3.

Confirmed when he did the PS2 port of some twisted metal as an easter egg.

But that being said, a new twisted metal would have to be different. If the next twisted metal is the same as the before but just amped up, it will be like Red Alert 3 where only core people will like, but it won't be super hyped as the next big thing. Seeing as how David was several games that brought Sony up, people would then immediately call the game a flop, etc etc etc...

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#12 Posted by ZenaxPure (2584 posts) -
Linkyshinks said:
"Does he have a role on God of War 3"
I don't think he does anymore really, at least not a large one.

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