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David Nassau in Battle

David (pronounced dah-VEED) Nassau is the Marquis of Athlum, political leader of his state. When Rush stumbles into the middle of a battlefield he meets the Marquis, who soon agrees to lend him support in his search for his sister Irina when he finds out that the two are the son and daughter of famous Remnant researchers. Though still young, David is a wise political figure and struggles to gain independence for his state of Athlum from the Duke of Qubine and ruling country of Celepais. He controls the Remnant Gae Bolg, a massive cannon that can decimate battlefields with spheres of energy. He inherited the Remnant and his position from his father and there are rumors that each use of the Remnant eats away at the binder's soul, a possible cause of his father's death. David's mother died when he was young, and Emma Honeywell, one of Athlum's Four Generals, helped raise him, still maintaining a maternal influence in his life.

Remnant - Gae Bolg

Gae Bolg in action.

One of the 2 conjurations of the game, the other being the game protaganist, Rush Sykes' Talisman's Gift. Name comes from The

Gáe Bulg

, spear of


of Irish Mythology.

When the Gae Bolg is activated, it deals extreme damage to all enemy forces in the fight, all but the most resilent enemies or bosses will not be able to survive the Gae Bolg.

Gae Bolg can only be activated when David is set as the union leader, and that his group is not being deadlocked by any enemy groups. It also triggers more often with more enemies on the field.

The player is treated with the sight of the Gae Bolg being in action as soon as the first battle of the game where David activates it to destroy the remaining babarians on the field.


  • His last name Nassau may originates from the House of Nassau, a diversified aristocratic dynasty in Europe. At the end of the Holy Roman Empire, the lords of Nassau elevated and proclaimed themselves the Dukes of Nassau, a title that David also holds in the game, being the Marquis of Athlum.
  • David covers up his right eye when using the Gae Bolg, which is puzzling as he fires using his right hand but instead using his left eye to aim. An explanation is that the blindfold he uses is part of Gae Bolg itself, instead enhancing the aiming through his covered right eye with the power of the remnant.

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