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Sarif meeting with Jensen after the attack

Voiced by Steve Shellen, David Sarif is a Detroit industrialist and chief executive officer of the bio-tech firm Sarif Industries, which he founded out of a decommissioned automobile factory in 2007. A staunch proponent of transhumanism (and in possession of a synthetic right arm), Sarif invested in automating the production of advanced prosthetics, and was soon the head of the leading human augmentation company in the world.

In 2017, he negotiates a secret contract with the United States Army to implant "intelligence-enhancing" computer chips into the brains of soldiers. In 2026, facing stiff market competition, Sarif hired ex-SWAT commander Adam Jensen to implement and oversee heightened security measures protecting research facilities. After Sarif Industries is attacked in 2027, Sarif orders Jensen to investigate the parties responsible, providing the resources necessary for Jensen to carry out the mission.


Šarīf (شريف) is an Arabic personal name meaning "noble" or "highborn" commonly used by Arabs and non-Arab Muslims.

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