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Davis Cup Tennis (Davis Cup World Tour) is a tennis game from Loriciel. It uses a lower-than-normal perspective to depict the tennis court, with the camera a few feet above the ground behind the player character. The Genesis version uses software scaling to change the angle of the court if the player moves far enough to the left or right.

The game has multiple modes, including doubles and a tournament mode as well as the Davis Cup itself, and each of the playable characters represents an international team. Though the athletes are only known by their first names for licensing reasons, it's clear enough from examples like "Jimmy" (who represents the USA) who they are meant to be.

The game was released on the TurboGrafx-16 exclusively in the US in 1991, developed by Loriciel and published by NEC directly. A TurboGrafx-CD version of the game was released the following year, but only in Japan. In 1993, Tengen published an enhanced version of the same game for the Genesis in the US, Japan, Europe and Australia. In Europe and Australia, the game is known as Davis Cup World Tour.


The following 32 athletes are in the TurboGrafx-16 version of the game.

  • "John" - USA
  • "Jimmy" - USA
  • "Boris" - Germany
  • "Carl Uwe" - Germany
  • "Zlatko" - Yugoslavia
  • "Dvoran" - Yugoslavia
  • "Carlos" - Argentina
  • "Jose" - Argentina
  • "Rod" - Australia
  • "Pat" - Australia
  • "Heinz" - Austria
  • "Franz" - Austria
  • "Ivan" - Czechslovakia
  • "Miroslav" - Czechslovakia
  • "Yannick" - France
  • "Henri" - France
  • "Berd" - The Netherlands
  • "Niel" - The Netherlands
  • "Shlomo" - Israel
  • "Aaron" - Israel
  • "Adriano" - Italy
  • "Claudio" - Italy
  • "Ramon" - Mexico
  • "Diego" - Mexico
  • "Carl" - New Zealand
  • "Michael" - New Zealand
  • "Miguel" - Spain
  • "Angel" - Spain
  • "Stefan" - Sweden
  • "Mats" - Sweden
  • "Rodolf" - Switzerland
  • "Ugo" - Switzerland

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