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According to the designer's notes:

The Dawn Brigade was formed as a result of Micaiah and Sothe's decision to fight for Daein's independence. So they both started to work on slowing the activities of the Begnion Occupational soldiers. At the same time, Edward and Leonardo had arrived in Nevassa, unaware of the danger that still followed them. Luckily, Nolan managed to save the two and invites them to join him in messing with the Begnion Occupational soldiers' actions mostly because he didn't like the idea of leaving the two kids on their own. The two notice his implication and decide to help him.

Later, Micaiah and Sothe would notice that someone else was working against the Begnion Occupational Army and try to get in touch with them. And that was when Sothe found Nolan and the others as they ran from the Begnion Occupational soldiers. He helps them get to one of his hideouts, and they meet Micaiah. Since they all wanted to save Daein, they decide to join together. Micaiah gave their group the name "Dawn Brigade" when she saw the sunrise in the alley they were in. Because Nolan was the oldest, they decided that he should be the leader, but he usually lets Micaiah take that role instead.

Later in the story, the Dawn Brigade joins together with the Daein Liberation Army under Pelleas's command. Although, it is once again, Micaiah, that commands the huge army. This leadership somewhat reflects how Ike was put in command of Crimea's vast army in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. In Part Three, the Dawn Brigade fights against the Greil Mercenaries.


The Dawn Brigade originally consists of five members: Micaiah, Sothe, Nolan, Edward, and Leonardo. Later in the story, Laura joins them after they help her procure medicine to her abbot. Then, Laura helps them recruit Aran by talking to him during a battle in that chapter. Of course, Laura mistakes the brigade as a group of honorable bandits, and Aran only joins because Laura is like a little sister to him, so he could never hurt her. Meg also joins the brigade in a base conversation when she was looking for Zihark, the man that her father, Brom, told her would be her fiancee.

Micaiah is the leader of the Dawn Brigade, and she is known across the continent as the "Silver-haired Maiden" that led Daein to freedom from imperial oppression.
He is a thief who owes Micaiah his life.
An experienced fighter who uses a variety of axes.
Edward is a novice swordsman who aspires to be a hero.
Leonardo is an inexperienced archer who aspires to best in his field.
Laura is an optimistic priest who is the main healer in Micaiah's team, and she meets Micaiah and requests her help in stealing medicine from Begnion soldiers due to her ill abbot.
Aran is Laura's childhood friend who was forced to be a solder for Begnion, but he defects to the Dawn Brigade once Laura convinces him. He is the only soldier who fights with lances in Micaiah's group.
She joins Micaiah's group after Micaiah learns that Meg is looking for someone. She is the armored knight in the brigade.


  • All the members of the Dawn Brigade are in their first tier class: Edward is a myrmidon, Micaiah is a light mage, Leonardo is an archer, Nolan is a fighter, Laura is a priest, Aran is a soldier, and Meg is an armored sword knight. The only exception to this is Sothe, but that's because he was also playable in Radiant Dawn's prequel, Path of Radiance, and other characters like him are in their second tier class.
  • All the members of the Dawn Brigade only appeared in Radiant Dawn. The exception to this is Sothe, obviously, and while Micaiah and Meg did not appear in Path of Radiance, their existence was alluded to by Sothe and Brom, respectively.
  • All the original members of the Dawn Brigade have a pre-assigned skill. Micaiah has Sacrifice, Sothe has Guard, Edward has Wrath, Leonardo has Cancel, and Nolan has Nihil. The additional members, Laura and Aran, do not have a pre-assigned skill. The exception is Meg, who is an additional member, but has the pre-assigned skill, Fortune.

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