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First of all, this is a great game in a great series. If you are into city building/trading/strategy/simulation games. And in this version they really went to town on the visuals. So I would love to recommend it.


DRM – Tages online validation DRM with a three install limit. Sure you can up the limit with all call, if Ubisoft is still in business. Which they may not be 10 years from now.

And this DRM is not removed for the Steam version. And no I'm not joking. It is listed on the Steam page and I have talked directly with a ubisoft representative.

So this is a $50 rental.

I have been ripping them a new one on their forum for the last three days. I am now going back and forth with a Ubisoft representative, but I don't think they are going to budge on this one.

Hard to justify this purchase when there will, at some point, be a cracked version without an install limit. And I have tried to explain things to Ubisoft, about EA and Spore and how the cracked version with be more user friendly.

I did try and that's all I can do.

And by the way, don't mention that you are going to pirate software on the Steam forums, you will get banned for life, don't ask me how I know.  Wink wink.

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Wow, you so smart, pirating games for the good of mankind. How about you neither buy it nor pirate it? Piracy may only lead to attempts for more draconian DRM, since they see there's interest in their games, yet not in paying for them. Of course, you just want free shit and look for excuses.

Buy the Wii game, it's pretty great also even if not the same as on PC. No DRM.

I guess you validate pirating every single Steam release too, since Valve may be dead in 10 years? Hey, let's add every multiplayer game to the list as the server browsers won't work if the master server is down, you'll need unauthorised shit to make the modes work, just like cracks are, amirite? Pirate it all! Shit dude, in 10 years YOU might be dead, so just buy the PC game anyway, as Ubisoft going down won't affect you at all.

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Who the fuck installs a game 3 times?

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Chun Li rocks?

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@Al3xand3r: I wasn't interested in this game, but since this DRM is on it, and you are so full of it, I'm going to acquire this just for you.
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@Al3xand3r said:
" Wow, you so smart, pirating games for the good of mankind. How about you neither buy it nor pirate it? " 
I never said said I was going to pirate the game.  Just  letting people know about the DRM, and that it is also on Steam.  I'm 40 years old and I've never pirated a game in my life.  And I do use Steam.  So you need to take a chill pill bucko.
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@Fallen189 said:
" Who the fuck installs a game 3 times? "
Plenty of people do, what if your switching PCs, or you messed up your game cause of a mod. What if you unistalled it to free up space and decided to install it again. People install games multiple times all the time
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@Fallen189 said:
" Who the fuck installs a game 3 times? "
Over a number of years its very possible that you will install a game more than 3 times. 

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