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Slavery Simulator

 In general I enjoy games where I get to do a few things; perhaps obliterate interweb slobbergoats through humiliating violence or in some cases, build a giant empire of Sootdom that rules the planar-sphere. Franchises such as Civilization, Age of Empires, and Caesar have always been a way for me to realize that I have no concept of keeping track of time. But lets face it, historical turn based or RTS games are DEADED, and not exactly popping up at game conventions wowing disillusioned youth. Fortunately for us, dirty fucking Eurotrash are always at least a decade behind in terms of trends or anything else, and thus Anno 1404 was spawned most likely through development in Slovenia on a 486 stolen from Chernobyl ruins.

I’ll sum this up quickly, it’s a great game, for what it is. If you are looking to start a colony and play god with beautiful graphics and at least a million different types of buildings then you will enjoy this game, until fire sweeps through your city and your citizens fall to ashes in the middle of your dirt roads. The only problem is the military and army RTS, where it does not make sense at all, you basically watch little dots battle each other for about 5 hours with nothing you can do about it.


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    I have played pretty much every Anno game for the PC, I love these kinds of games. What surprised me with 1404 is how similar it is to Anno 1701. The graphics are a bit better, everything looks smoother and there are a few changes to how resources,buildings and how your settlement upgrades, but in the end it feels like I'm playing 1701, again. The main new thing with 1404 is that you can build "oriental" buildings, arabic/asian looking houses. To gain the abiltity to build in the southern parts ...

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