irondoor's Daxter (Platinum) (PlayStation Portable) review

One of the best PSP's game to date!

Well, here we have Jak's sidekick, Daxter, who's finally got his solo game, and what's to expect? Well, this game is simply gorgeous! Ready at Dawn (who was also in charge of God of War: Chains of Olympus) did an amazing job bringing the Haven City world to the portable console and the fans of Jak II and Jak III will feel right at home. It has amazing graphics, controls, incredible music and just too much fun! The story of this game starts right before the beginning of Jak II, when Jak is caught by the guards. The main difference between the Jak's games, is that this time around, Daxter is fighting only bugs, and he has an especific weapon for it, a gas sprayer of some sort. So you pretty much will be spending much of your time on the game going through various levels killing bugs, doing some solid plataforming and collecting gems along with those precursor eggs from previous games. Seems pretty linear, but the game's real challenge is in completing 100% and getting every single collectible, and this can be pretty challenging. You will find yourself using a lot of double jumps and hovering (with your gas sprayer) and the controls are quite easy to handle, so you will be comfortable in no time. One of the best things about this game, is that you continously get the feeling of progress and that you're upgrading yourself. You weapon gains some upgrades along the game, and you have minigames (imitating some major movies, like Matrix and Lord of the Rings) that are quite fun and improves your gameplay. All in all, this is an ABSOLUTELY must play for any PSP owner.

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