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A competent multiplayer shooter 0

Day of Defeat Source (DoD henceforth) is a WW2 based squad shooter from Valve that uses the much loved source engine, and follows a very similar style to Counter Strike: Source. It’s fast, its action packed, and most importantly of all, it’s a lot of fun. While it isn’t perfect, it provides a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction and with a strong online community, I believe this will be the case for years to come. The idea behind the game is simple. You play a series of rounds on a particular map, ...

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A Day That May Finally Be Defeated 0

This game is like any FPS game. It is simple, to the point and nothing else really. You either love it or you don't. Since this is a WW2 based game, many gamers who like this genre (since WWII is a genre in itself) is a must pick. Although this game is based of the Source Engine, it has it's own problems, but good as well. Lets start with the ever popular "scope-zoom effect", when you hear about this you think, "Hey, great it will be like every other FPS". Unfortunately, it isn't "all that and...

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A solid online experience for those who still love WWII. 0

There are tons of people who love playing shooters online. The amount of people who are still in love with WWII themed shooters however, is dwindling. So you really have three choices when choosing which WWII themed shooter to play online. You can play Battlefield 1942 which is becoming extremely dated, you can play the unbalanced and camper heavy Call of Duty 2, or you can play Day of Defeat: Source.The graphics aren't going to really impress anybody, that part is obvious. However, it still isn...

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Day of Defeat: Source Review 0

 Day of Defeat: Source is the remake of the popular ww2 half-life mod by Activision and the DOD mod community. The series is mostly set in Italy and France so most on the action in the game goes on around churches and old towns. Like TF2 it’s a class based shooter that all have specific weapons. Anyway let’s get on with the review. GameplayThere are 2 objective modes in the game Capture the Flag and Destroy Enemy Vehicles. And the classes are as follows• Rifleman: Standard Rifle with melee weapo...

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Day of Defeat: Source review by Termite 0

Game Review: Day of Defeat: SourceDay of Defeat started out like many multi-player shooting games, as a Half Life 1 modification. And DoD just like Counter Strike was discovered by Half Life developer Valve and made into a full fledged game. And with Half Life 2 and the incredibly powerful source engine a reality, Day of Defeat: Source was made. I myself have not played the original Day of Defeat, but I can be pretty sure it is a lot like this game.Like Team Fortress 2 the game is a class based ...

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