supakoopatroopa's Day of Defeat (PC) review

Graphics aren't the best, but this game was fun back in the day!

I remember the first time I played DoD. I had only ever played single player WWII shooters before, never multiplayer.

This game was, back in the day, like what Call of Duty is today. It had lots of weapons, maps, and people playing. My favorite was storming the beach just like in Saving Private Ryan, or being a Nazi and gunning down all the American troops from a bunker.

The graphics didn't look that bad, considering I had a PC that only had a 128mb graphics card. I didn't even know what good graphics were, since this and counter strike were one of the few games I had. Though it didn't need amazing graphics to be fun.

The gameplay was quite good, I really can't find anything wrong with it. It might be a little stiff when lying down or jumping around, but other than that, it played almost like any shooter does today.

You could make your own war scenarios, and imagine you were really there. After a while I got really good and was owning everybody. I used to jump out of the sand bunker, lie down in the air, and slide down the dirt so the machine gunners couldn't get me. Then I would shoot everyone who was walking down the beach. Lulz ensued.

I bought DoD:S right away when it came out because this one was so fun.

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