Day Z - LFG

#1 Posted by CarRacer (15 posts) -

Afternoon, I'm going to be playing Day Z tonight and I was curious if any other Giant Bomb people wanted to squad up.

I've played for over a month now and I've got decent gear and I'm slowly honing my tactics. I don't engage in PvP and I'm currently trying to help with the "Fritz Self Help Initiative". Basically, the Dr. Fritz guy is setting up tents, stocking them with medical supplies and broadcasting their location. I'd like to help stock them.

I'm CST in the US, so if you want to squad up tonight from 7ish-11ish, send me a message to my steam name "carracergvr4".

#2 Posted by connerthekewlkid (1773 posts) -

ill see if i can get on later tonight

#3 Posted by CarRacer (15 posts) -

Cool. I forgot to add that I logged out NW of Berenzino.

#4 Posted by CarRacer (15 posts) -

I'm jumping on now. I'm using the Reddit Rescue Force teamspeak server and I'm in Channel 3.

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