Looking for some Giantbombers!

#1 Posted by raynate2022 (321 posts) -

Hey guys. It saddens me that the GB forums are dead to this game. It's still fun and still there! I am tired of running around alone. If you want to have a survival buddy let me know. I am on almost every night. Hope to hear from someone!

#2 Posted by orlandodoom (89 posts) -

I've been playing on Namalsk the last few nights. Great variant. I'm not familiar with the map or anything just yet, but it adds a almost STALKER-esque touch to day z.

I'd be down to play. Hit me up on Steam.

#3 Posted by jdh5153 (1097 posts) -

Where can you get DayZ? I can't find it on Steam, otherwise I'd try it.

#4 Posted by Cronus42 (309 posts) -

@jdh5153: You need to buy Arma 2 Combined operations and then get the mod all installed up. At this point I would wait for the actual game to enter its buy in beta period sometime in the next few months. As good as the mod is, support for it has slowed down because the team is working on the real game.

If you still want to check it out though, get the Arma 2: CO pack, then download Day Z commander. It pretty much does the rest for you in there.

#5 Posted by jdh5153 (1097 posts) -

Alright.....Lame...I hate mods...I'm a console gamer, never installed a mod in my life, never will. Sounds like an annoying pain in the butt.

#6 Posted by raynate2022 (321 posts) -

@jdh5153: PC mods are mostly click and play now days. It's an amazing game.

#7 Posted by raynate2022 (321 posts) -

@orlandodoom: You Sir, declined my Steam invite. Lol

#8 Posted by slyspider (1567 posts) -

I like me some dayZ, [lazycc]slyspider is steam name!

#9 Posted by insane_shadowblade85 (1646 posts) -

I haven't played DayZ in ages. I wouldn't mind playing some again. The last time I played they had a bug where zombie numbers were insane and I was in a city at night. It uh, it didn't go well. Steam name is the same as my username.

#10 Posted by HeyImPhoenix (175 posts) -

Are the people here still playing?

#11 Edited by Devildoll (951 posts) -

@jdh5153: compared to chucking a dvd into a console and hitting play, most install processes would seem like a pain in the butt.

you should try it before dismissing it though, its never rocket science, and there is a payoff at the end.

#12 Posted by XMARC18 (23 posts) -

mjack01 on steam. What map you playing?

#13 Posted by SecularBaron (234 posts) -

Topic is kind of old but is anyone playing? I wouldn't mind teaming up with someone.

#14 Posted by UpperDecker (114 posts) -

Hey Giant Bombs, Bombers, Bombettes? (pick one and go with it).

I'm new to the site and wanted to say hello and introduce myself! Been a huge fan of the site the past few months and the videos and forums have literally saved my head from exploding at work, SO THANK YOU! Anyways, I live in Montana, and the gaming community is just a little short handed, so I was wondering if anybody would like to jump on and play some games with me? I'm a very lighthearted person, I love to make funny videos of game glitches and such, but more importantly a game is a lot better when you got some friends to experience it with! I was thinking we could start a Giant Bomb DayZ Forum Clan? I enjoy all platforms and types of games, so let me know if anybody wants to jump online with me/us? Thanks everybody and have a safe week!


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